Everything about Matt Edmondson’s parents: Matt wrote a song about his father after his suicide

Matt Edmondson has worked in the journalism arena for nearly two decades. He has gained fame for presenting the weekend afternoon show alongside Mollie King on BBC Radio 1. Edmondson is also famous for his stint as presenter of The Xtra Factor on ITV2. 

Recently, Matt launched a board game titled Ansagrams. He admitted to having no experience with board games, but had so much time during lockdown that he decided to bring one of his ideas to life. Speaking of games, Matt Edmondson recently participated in Richard Osman’s game show House of Games

Edmondson is also a songwriter, with his emotional debut tied to his dad’s death. Read on to find out more about Matt Edmondson’s parents. 

Matthew Edmondson was born on 27th December 1985 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

He is notoriously secretive about his family life, but we know that he grew up alongside one sister. 

Edmondson gave a rare insight into his family when he opened up about his father’s suicide. He revealed via a Twitter thread that his father suffered from bipolar, which he treated with alcohol. Matt wrote:

“I also didn’t understand what it meant to have a parent whose moods could vary so differently. For a lot of my childhood my dad was a hilarious, pun making, playful father, but he was also really difficult to live with.”

As a child, Matthew recognized that his dad’s drinking was a problem. The pair fell out during Matt’s teenage years, but the two had patched their differences by the time he reached adulthood. 

Matt introduced his father to AA meetings months before his death. Edmondson’s dad committed suicide when Matt was 22. Unable to grieve or forgive his father due to the manner of his death, Matt let feelings of resentment build up. 

Thanks to counseling, Matt slowly began to acknowledge his emotions. In fifteen minutes of pure catharsis, Matt penned a song about his father titled Your CarHe wrote:

“I didn’t expect to write a song about him to be honest, but it just sort of fell out of me and I found the experience so unbelievably cathartic I thought it might be worth sharing, so that other people who had been through something similar might take something from it.”

Before sharing the song, Matt asked for permission from his mom and sister. 

The impressive Aymee Weir lent her vocals to the song released on the 12th anniversary of Matt’s father’s death.