Is Aaron Judge black? His ethnicity detailed

Aaron Judge is the American League record holder for home runs in a season, having hit his 62nd homer during the Yankees’ early October 2022 loss against the Texas Rangers. In typical Judge fashion, he appeared to downplay the significance of his achievement, with his teammates seemingly more ecstatic than he was. 

Judge’s parents are often in the stands cheering him on, but they weren’t part of the crowd at Globe Life Field. Judge’s mom, Patty, was present when he hit his 61st home run. “Having my mom here, it’s important,” Aaron told reporters after handing Patty the record-equalling ball. “She’s been with me through it all, that’s for sure.”

Aaron Judge is biracial. His parents, Wayne and Patty Judge, adopted him one day after his birth in late April 1992. 

Per The Daily Citizen, an unconfirmed report suggests Aaron’s biological parents gave him up because they ‘didn’t want him.’ Judge and his parents haven’t discussed the details of his adoption. 

Nevertheless, The Daily Citizen cast doubt on the report, arguing that Judge’s mother was likely hurt by the decision to give up her child. The publication suspected that Aaron’s birth parents were proud of Judge and vindicated in their decision to hand him to parents who raised him in a stable environment. 

“I feel like they [adoptive parents] kind of picked me,” Aaron told The New York Post. “I feel like God was the one that matched us together.” Judge said that Patty and Wayne were forthcoming when he asked them about his parentage:

“I was about 10 or 11 and we really didn’t look alike, so I started asking questions, and that was that. I was fine with it. It really didn’t bother me because that’s the only parents I’ve known.”

Aaron has had no contact with his biological parents and harbors no desire to reach out to them. He told Newsday:

“I have one set of parents, the ones that raised me. That’s how it is. Some kids grow in their mom’s stomach; I grew in my mom’s heart. She’s always showed me love and compassion ever since I was a little baby. I’ve never needed to think differently or wonder about anything.”