Where is Rain Brown now? Her mental health struggles

On 2nd October 2022, Rain Brown advertised season 14 of Alaskan Bush People as the family’s ‘hardest season yet.’ In a November 2022 episode, Bird, who’d recently had surgery to remove two pre-cancerous tumors, accompanied her sister Rain on an Alaskan sea trip. Rain threw up while navigating an old family boat named The Integrity. 

Thankfully, Rain threw up due to old-fashioned sea sickness. However, Rain wandered off when the party hit land and appeared overwhelmed by emotions. “[I would be] lying if I said I wasn’t worried about [Rain],” Bird said in a confessional, raising concern about the youngest Brown sibling. 

Rain felt emotional while navigating The Integrity as it was her first time on the vessel without her father, Billy, who died in early February 2021. She told Bird that she felt like a piece of her died when Billy died. 

Bird confirmed that the trip forced Rain to think about moments she’d shared with Billy on the boat. She revealed that being on the boat was hard for everyone, but it hit Rain harder as the navigator. Bird said:

“The water and storms, I think that’s bringing a lot of memories of dad. I think it’s bringing up that he’s not here any more. Coming to Alaska, I knew it was going to be difficult, and I don’t think she anticipated that.”

The youngest Brown said she needed to seek professional help while processing the grief caused by Billy’s passing. Reports state Rain sought mental health assistance after returning to the North Star Ranch. 

Ami said Rain ‘didn’t ever really grief,’ and it was time for her to do so. She confirmed that Rain would take a break from ranch activities as she regained her mental health: “I’m proud of Rainy for pacing this situation. There’s some things we have to do alone.”

Rain’s longtime goal has been mining gold on the mountain. Ami promised that the family would try to fulfill that target for Rain:

“While Rain takes time to heal in her hometown, the Wolfpack is on the new journey of fulfilling her longtime goal of mining gold on the mountain. Her sister said: ‘The best way to learn is to do it. I’m doing it for Rain.”

Rain hasn’t updated her Instagram page for two months at the time of writing, so we suspect she’s still on her healing journey. Brown’s fans wished her well via social media, hoping for her quick return. 

Bird also revealed in a confessional that she prays Rain will rejoin the Wolfpack soon: “I am definitely hopeful and praying that Rain soon will be back to herself and feeling good and feeling more like herself, and can join us on the mountain. Any thing we come across something that’s like, ‘I don’t know if I can do it’, I just think of Rain.”