Who is Lil Meech’s mom? Lil Meech’s mom Latarra Eutsey supported him on set

When Demetrius Flenory Jr., aka Lil Meech, arrived at the auditions for Big Meech’s role in BMF, he had no idea that 50 Cent would pick him to play the part. Lil Meech had no acting experience as he sat beside 50 Cent, watching over 3000 young actors try to land the role. 

In the end, 50 Cent realized that the man seated next to him, the young man who looked like a mini-version of Big Meech, was best suited to play the role. Lil Meech’s performances belie his inexperience, as with each episode, he shows that 50 Cent made the right casting decision. 

Few are prouder of Lil Meech’s achievements than his mom Latarra Eutsey.

Her Facebook page solely features photos of Lil Meech and BMF. Her profile picture is a photo of the fast-rising actor. 

Latarra has supported Lil Meech throughout the acting and production process. In mid-April 2021, she posted a photo on the set of BMF alongside the following caption: “Enjoying BMF set life with my #1 star on his BDAY! Can’t get any better than this!”

Reports state that Eutsey is a flight attendant at Delta Airlines, where she’s worked for the past three decades.

It’s incredible how fast a rumor can spread on Twitter

In early November 2021, as the conversations around BMF’s twists and turns hit fever pitch, someone dropped a false rumor claiming that actress Tasha Smith is Lil Meech’s mother. 

Tasha Smith is an actress famous for appearing in Empire, Boston Common, and The Whole Ten Yards

As we’ve established above, Lil Meech’s mother is Latarra Eutsey. 

Smith is involved with BMF, but only as a director. She has no familial connection to Lil Meech.