All about Kyle Beach dating life, gay rumor

Kyle Beach has long lived with the unenviable tag of being the Chicago Blackhawks prospect that failed to deliver on his promise. However, Beach’s perception in fans’ eyes has changed following his sexual assault accusation against Hawks former video coach Brad Aldrich. He’s also revealed that the team swept a complaint he made against Brad under the rag.

Beach has revealed a shocking rot in hockey, a sport that has refused to move with the times. Kyle has received apologies from the team, but he states that his war against the Blackhawks is only just beginning. 

Kyle Beach is not gay. He is dating German-based Bianca Guglielmotti. 

Beach’s Instagram reveals that the pair started dating in mid-2020. Kyle and Bianca share a mutual love for the outdoors and seem to be very happy. 

“It’s been a tough year, covid, lock downs, and quarantines… together we have grown and thrived!” Kyle captioned an April 2021 post. “So grateful for you, and your love!”

Following Beach’s suit against the Blackhawks, the team procured independent law firm Jenner & Block to investigate the team’s conduct. A report by the firm found that the team failed to act against Brad and allowed him a day with the Stanley Cup.

It also accused Blackhawk players and staff of knowing of the allegations. The investigation further revealed that Kyle’s teammates teased Beach about the assault and used anti-gay slurs. 

The Blackhawks didn’t create a suitable environment for Kyle to follow up on his claim. Further, the same-sex nature of Brad’s assault made it more difficult for him to speak up. Attorney Mike Finnegan told ABC7:

“The shame that goes with same-sex sexual assault often prevents survivors from coming forward. And in situation like this for Kyle is exacerbated in a situation of professional sports where it’s even that much more difficult to come forward in that environment.”

Debra Perry, the director of crisis intervention and advocacy services at the YWCA, stated that victims fear inquiries about their reaction to the assault. Unwilling to answer such questions, victims opt to keep quiet. She explained:

“They are always very concerned that they are going to be judged as to why didn’t you fight back? Why didn’t you fight harder? You’re a male. You’re bigger than him. Why didn’t you just push him off and walk away.”