Everything we know about Guy Sebastian’s parents

Guy Sebastian was a fresh-faced 22-year-old when he narrowly won the first Australian Idol in 2003. Sebastian has proved that his Australian Idol success wasn’t a mere fluke with nine top ten albums, including three number ones. Sebastian’s parents initially played down the enormity of the competition Guy was participating in. 

“To us it was like any competition that he might have been in the past,” Guy’s mother, Nellie Sebastian, told The Star. Guy’s parents equated Idol with a small television program Guy had appeared in titled Starstruck. Later, however, they came to appreciate the size of Idol’s platform. “It was only later that we realized how big it was,” Nellie said. 

Read on to find out more about Guy Sebastian’s parents Ivan and Nellie Sebastian. 

Guy Sebastian was born on 26th October 1981 in Malaysia to Ivan and Nellie Sebastian. 

Ivan is a Malaysian Indian of Tamil Origin, and Nellie is of European and Asian descent. The couple met in India, where Nellie grew up, and Ivan studied geology. 

They started a relationship and welcomed Ollie and Guy while in India. After relocating to Australia, the couple Initially, the couple settled in Melbourne before moving to Adelaide due to Ivan’s work. Despite living in Australia for many years, Ivan and Nellie have maintained their native traditions. Nellie explained:

“It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you’re keeping your tradition. It would not be any struggle if you keep within the basic teachings of your culture.”

Ivan and Nellie insisted that Guy learn to play the violin. He only ever learned one song, which he played at family gatherings for three years. Eventually, Guy ditched the violin and became proficient in piano and guitar. 

Guy’s parents were thrilled with his American Idol win, but they soon learned that his success was a double-edged sword. Nellie explained:

“Naturally we’re very proud and excited. He’s worked very hard for this. But the phone hasn’t stopped ringing, it’s like a full-time answering machine service in the house. We even get calls at 2am in the morning (asking for him). I’m wondering why these people aren’t asleep.”