Is Cruel Summer available on Netflix? Where to stream the series

Cruel Summer is an American teen drama by Jessica Biel set to be released in mid-April 2021. It focuses on Jeanette Turner, a shy, dorky girl, and Kate Wallis, a popular golden-child, who mysteriously disappears. A year after her disappearance, Jeanette is thriving and is even eying Kate’s boyfriend.

Unfortunately, her world comes crashing down after she is accused of having something to do with Kate’s disappearance. Overnight, Turner becomes the most-hated person in America. With nothing to lose, Jeanette decides to pursue revenge against Kate’s family. The events take place in the early to mid-1990s, and the series tells its story through either Turner or Kate’s point of view.

Cruel Summer is not available on Netflix and it is unlikely that it will appear on the streaming platform.

Cruel Summer is a Freeform series. Freeform has ties to the Walt Disney, a company with streaming platforms in need of content. Therefore, it is unlikely that Netflix will get rights to Cruel Summer.

After Cruel Summer airs on Freeform, the series will most likely head to Disney+.

Original shows from Freeform usually head to Disney+ after they air. It is also likely that Cruel Summer will become available on Disney-owned Hulu.