Will C’mon C’mon come to Netflix?

C’mon C’mon is a 2021 gem by Mike Mills that draws you in and leaves you an emotional wreck at the end of its 108 minutes of playing time. The film has received near-universal praise by critics and should be one of the best indie flicks of 2021. 

It follows a nephew and an uncle traveling across America to interview children for a media outlet. The experience forces both to face their issues and form a tighter bond. It’s refreshing that Mike Mills didn’t use the lost father and son trope in his film. The fact that it’s an uncle and nephew bonding makes the black and white film refreshing. 

C’mon C’mon will likely come to Netflix after two or three years. 

The film’s distributor, A24, doesn’t have a streaming deal with Netflix. However, A24 movies usually appear on Netflix two to three years after their release. 

Therefore, you can expect C’mon C’mon on Netflix in 2023 or 2024. 

C’mon C’mon will likely first stream on Showtime. A24 and Showtime have a deal that sees films head to Showtime during their pay-cable window. 

A24 has a content production deal with Apple TV+, but the deal doesn’t include C’mon C’mon. However, we can’t rule out the film appearing on Apple TV+.