Bryce Young’s parents: Bryce’s father feared that Bryce’s height would derail his career

Bryce Young’s Sophomore year has started with an exceptional display against Miami. The Crimson Tide quarterback threw for 344 yards and four touchdowns, setting a school record for passing touchdowns and yards in a starting debut. Young spent his Freshman year deputizing for Mac Jones but is now set to take center stage in Alabama. 

Young’s parents have supported Bryce through every step in his football career. It’s only a matter of time before Bryce lines up in the NFL, achieving a life-long dream. 

This piece will look at Bryce Young’s parents, Julie and Craig Young. 

Bryce Young was born on 25th July 2001 to Julie and Craig Young in Pasadena, California. Julie and Craig celebrated their sixth anniversary four days after Bryce’s birth. 

“25 years to the day, I married my best friend, who also happens to be the kindest, most genuine person I have ever met,” Craig captioned a 25th-anniversary Twitter post. “I don’t know what I have done to deserve these 25 years but Julie I thank God for you every day!”

Bryce Young is reportedly an only child. He demonstrated his understanding of the game early on and was easily one of the best quarterbacks in junior categories, but coaches overlooked him due to his height. Craig feared that Bryce’s stature would hinder his career progression. 

Craig regularly fielded questions about Bryce’s long-term potential as a quarterback, but inwardly, he worried that Bryce would have to change position. “I don’t think it was as hard for him as it was for me,” Craig told Bleacher Report. “It was very frustrating for me, because I could see the results.”

“They told us they loved the kid and that he was amazing. But they just were going to wait for him to grow.” Thankfully, players such as Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, and Kyler Murray demonstrated that one could be under six-foot and make it as a quarterback in the NFL. 

The college offers that had dried up soon started arriving thick and fast, allaying Craig’s fears. Craig rejoiced when Bryce landed a spot in Alabama but soon found a Bryce-shaped void in his life that needed filling. 

Craig had gotten used to dropping Bryce at school as he went to work in the morning, but he suddenly had no one to ride with in the morning. Young stated that he experienced a ‘mini-depression’ due to Bryce’s absence. 

Bryce returned earlier than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic. He had gained 25-pounds of muscle, which seriously impressed Craig. “I’ve taken a step back and just seen the maturity and growth from a teenager to a young man.”

Craig and Bryce spent plenty of time together before Bryce flew back in early June 2020. “An unintended consequence was that we were able to spend extra time with our son,” Craig added. 

Alabama wasn’t on Bryce Young’s radar when he committed to play for USC. The thought of playing 20 minutes from his home excited Bryce and his parents. However, fate contrived to take Bryce to Alabama. 

Alabama’s offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian convinced Bryce and his family to switch to Alabama. Sarkisian, a former USC head coach, had worked with Bryce when he was in sixth grade. “He would pull him aside at those camps and was complimentary,” Craig talked to BAMA Insider about Steve and Bryce’s first meetings. 

“I have a picture of them together when he [Bryce] was young.” Sarkisian didn’t part ways with USC on the best of terms, but he didn’t tarnish the school – a fact that impressed Craig. Steve focused on Alabama’s offensive game and how it matched with and would benefit Bryce’s game. Craig talked to about Steve’s pitch:

“We didn’t talk much about SC at all. It was more about the system, how the system is so similar to what Bryce runs at Mater Dei, how important it is to have a multiple system – a system where you use the tight end, you go under center sometimes and have different protections – and how that can prepare you for the next level if Bryce is so blessed to be able to do that.”

Despite the distance, Craig believes that Bryce made the right decision in joining Alabama. The family’s visit to Alabama went well: They enjoyed the reception, the food, and meeting with head coach Nick Saban. Craig told BAMA Insider that he’s confident Bryce is in good hands:

“It is difficult with him being that far away. We know this is the best situation for him. He is excited. The best football team and best program in America is in Tuscaloosa. We want him to be the best; be with the best and surrounded by the best support system he can possibly have. He has all of that at Alabama. We are excited about this journey.”