What we know about Brec Bassinger’s parents

The uber-talented Brec Bassinger is set to return to our screens in mid-August 2021 when season 2 of Stargirl premieres. Stargirl’s costume changed for season 2, but it’s unlikely that you’ll notice. Like most of us, Brec added a smidge of weight during the quarantine period. Thankfully, the fashion team adjusted the super tight suit to make it fit.

Brec’s story in Stargirl, is linked to her parents. Stargirl’s journey as a superhero starts after she finds out that her stepfather was a superhero who retired following the loss of his partner. Brec’s real-life parents are superheroes in their own right as they’ve supported Brec’s performance career since she was 3.

Brec Bassinger was born on 25th May 1999 in Saginaw, Texas, to Raymond Marie and Shelly Bassinger. She grew up alongside two brothers: Beric and Brice.

Contrary to popular misconception, actress Kim Basinger is not Brec Bassinger’s mom.

Brec’s parents have supported her performance career since she was 3. She started out as a model before catching the acting bug three years later.

Shelly Bassinger lives with her daughter in Los Angeles, while the rest of the family remains in Texas, where Brec’s dad owns and operates a Koi fish farm.