A closer look at Wilbur Soot’s sexuality and secretive love life

Wilbur Soot (real name Will Gold) is a British gamer and singer who gained fame in 2017 for his work as lead editor of the comedy YouTube channel SootHouse. Soot later launched his self-titled gaming channel, which has so far accrued 4.81 million followers. He also launched a channel for his music videos titled Wilbur Music, which has nine videos and over 472K subscribers.

Soot is famous for playing the sandbox game Minecraft. His Twitch live streams of the game have earned him over 3 million followers on the platform.

Wilbur’s sexuality has recently become a trending topic thanks to his music. This piece will look at Wilbur Soot’s sexuality and secretive love life. Wilbur is rumored to be bisexual.

In December 2020, Wilbur released the much-anticipated final single in his trilogy of songs about being in love with an e-girl. Soot released I’m in Love With an E-Girl and Internet Ruined Me before teasing Your New Boyfriend on TommyInnit’s Twitch channel in July 2020.

Wilbur’s December 2020 release of Your New Boyfriend sent him to the top of the trending charts. In the song, Wilbur laments about his girl crush’s ‘new boyfriend’ Jared, who he labels an ‘arsehole’. “He’s in your bed, but I’m on your Twitch chat,” he sings.

In a surprising twist, Soot sings about Jared’s body and about how he’s ‘though about what he looks like nude.” The lyrics made fans wonder whether his hate for Jared has morphed into a crush. Soot causes further confusion when he looks at the camera and satirically says, “I’m not gay, though.”

Wilbur mention of Jason Derulo at the end of the song creates further uncertainty. Why mention Jason Derulo? Fans have interpreted it to mean that Your New Boyfriend is Wilbur’s queer coming out song. Queer teens use Jason’s song Get Ugly to come out to loved ones via TikTok. Some fans believe that the reference to Jason Derulo confirms that Wilbur is bi-sexual.

All of it speculation, however, and we can’t conclude about Wilbur Soot’s sexuality without a confirmation from him. Rumors about Wilbur’s bi-sexuality are just that, rumors.

Wilbur Soot has chosen to be secretive about his dating life. Despite being active on social media, Wilbur is yet to provide any update on his dating life.

He was rumored to be dating content creator Nihachu after the pair matched on Rajjchelor. However, it later emerged that the pair didn’t date.