Why Women Love A Designer Bag

Almost every woman has thought once about whether she wants to buy a designer bag. After all, it’s pretty, luxurious and the ultimate way to treat yourself, but there are actual style and financial reasons a lot of people buy luxury handbags for women.

A Great Base Item

Due to their versatility, if you buy a neutral handbag from a designer store, you end up with something that can easily become a base for your entire wardrobe. This means putting together outfits will become easier as you work around your bag, not a pair of pants or a top. 

Every Outfit Is Elevated

The high-end quality and unique style of designer handbags mean that they can easily take an ordinary outfit to a whole other level. This means you can put less effort into your overall outfit and save some time while you’re at it. 

Good Resale Value

A designer handbag is considered an investment because of the high resale value that comes along with it. This means that if you keep your bag in good working order, it can increase in value and you can sell it down the line. The best bags to resale are rare or neutral bags. 

Consider Price Per Wear

One way to justify the cost of an item is to break down the cost per wear. This is essentially the fact that one quality item is worth the money as you’re more likely to wear it for years to come, and this means the investment is worthwhile. This is far more sustainable for your wardrobe and the earth than buying one cheap bag every three months. 

Increase Your Confidence

A designer bag is a great way to get some confidence. After all, when you buy a bag from Louis Vuitton, you’re joining a group of individuals who have a strong sense of style and great taste. This status symbol can give you some incredible confidence when you’re out and about and is a great reason to make the investment. 

One Last Thing…

Now that we’ve gone over some of the key reasons women prefer designer bags, you will want to consider which brand you purchase from for the best investment. By far, the best option for your first designer bag is a well-known brand such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton, as they provide the security of a great brand name behind your purchase.