How To Choose The Right Escape Room For Your Team?

Escape rooms are popular entertainment that require participants to solve riddles and escape a themed location within a defined period of time. But with so many escape rooms, choosing one might be difficult. Consider the difficulty level, which ranges from beginner to advanced. This blog post covers escape room stages and how to choose the ideal game for your team. Breakout escape room vary in complexity, but we give infinite suggestions to make the experience more varied. Don’t worry about the riddles’ difficulty! Ask for help if needed, but the most essential aspect is experiencing the room’s tale.

Beginner Escape Rooms: Levels 1–2

Start with beginner-level games if you’re new to escape rooms or looking for a fun family activity. Beginners can use these rooms because they are easier than advanced ones. Beginner games are good for family bonding, bachelorette/bachelor parties, birthday parties, and fun nights out with friends.

Amateur Escape Rooms: Level 3

Suppose you’ve done escape rooms before or want a harder one. Thus, intermediate games are ideal. These are harder than beginner rooms, yet achievable for experienced players. Intermediate rooms allow people to bond while solving difficulties. These scenarios are ideal for team-building since they require collaboration and communication. Intermediate rooms also make great nights out with challenge-loving pals. These rooms offer an intriguing and unique experience that will leave users happy, whether solving puzzles or accomplishing physical challenges.

Expert Escape Rooms: Levels 4–5

Expert-level escape rooms are perfect for experienced players seeking a challenge. These games are supposed to be really hard and demand skill and expertise. They’re ideal for experienced escape room players searching for a fresh challenge. Expert-level tasks are for advanced friends or those who want a challenge. These rooms have challenging riddles and tasks that require collaboration and communication to overcome, even for the most experienced players.

What impacts game difficulty?

To completely assess an escape room’s difficulties, consider aspects beyond intricacy. Other aspects that affect the complexity include themes, puzzle types, and player skills. These are essential to solving an escape room.

Puzzle Types and Numbers

The number and kind of riddles are also significant when assessing escape room complexity. Some challenges demand one sort of puzzle-solving talent, while others include word, math, jigsaw, logic, and physical skills. The more activities and chores, the harder it is for players to finish the room in time.

Designing an Escape Room

Escape room layout and design affect difficulty. Finding and finishing puzzles in a crowded place might be difficult. However, problems that demand a lot of spatial movement might be more difficult.

Player Number and Experience

The number of players and their expertise also affect escape room difficulty. A group with logic or math experts may finish the game faster. A group with minimal abilities or no competence will struggle to escape.


The complete escape room experience is considered. The game’s complexity depends on prior groups’ performance, such as whether they finished in time or how far.


How To Choose the Perfect Room (by Complexity Rating)?

Consider the difficulty level, team members, and narrative when picking an escape room scenario to find the right one. Consider these crucial variables while making a decision.

Member of Your Team?

Remember team members while picking an escape room scenario. Experienced teens can manage intermediate situations, while younger youngsters need simpler ones. Teams comprising novices and pros can pick intermediate scenarios.

Are you planning a weekend or event escape?

Escape room scenarios should fit the event. Holidays for kids should be 1-3 and exciting. Intermediate-level escape rooms are great for team development.


Escape rooms are thrilling and demanding; therefore, everyone should try them. We provide chambers with varying difficulty levels and themes for every taste at Escape Room Team Building. We have the perfect space for a night out with friends or a business team-building event.