Who Designed Melania Trump’s Inaugural Ball Gown?

Melania Trump, former First Lady of the United States, is known for her stylish fashion choices. During her time as First Lady, Melania Trump appeared publicly in a number of stunning outfits and dresses that showed off her unique style. One of the most important presidential events is the Inaugural Ball, and Melania Trump wore an especially eye-catching ball down to this occasion. Our article gives you details on the Inaugural Ball and Melania Trump’s Inaugural Ball gown, including who designed this remarkable dress.

What Is the Inaugural Ball?

The Inaugural Ball is a formal, official event that is designed to celebrate the inauguration of the newest president of the United States. The Inaugural Ball is typically a white and black-tie event, invitation-only, and held on the night of the presidential inauguration. The President, Vice President, and their spouses will all make an appearance, in addition to appearances by other notable public figures, catered food and drink, and musical performances.

The first Inaugural Ball was held in 1789, a week after the inauguration of President George Washington, and this tradition has carried on throughout the decades. The location of the Inaugural Ball is in Washington, DC, and there are many other Inaugural Balls held around the time period of the presidential inauguration, including the official Inaugural Ball.

Melania Trump’s Inaugural Ball Gown

The Inaugural Ball is a formal event, and this requires individuals to wear formal clothing. The go-to choice for many women, including Melania Trump, is a ball gown, like these. Melania Trump’s Inaugural Ball gown features vanilla silk crepe fabric, an off-shoulder neckline, a slit skirt, and a ruffled accent trim. The accent trim also runs around the neckline and moves down across the dress to the floor. The dress has a splash of color provided by a ruby ribbon that is tied around the waist to form a small bow.

The designer of Melania Trump’s Inaugural Ball gown is Hervé Pierre, who collaborated with Melania Trump on the design of her dress.

Melania Trump presented her Inaugural Ball gown from the 2017 Inaugural Ball to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in late 2017, where it is now on display as part of the museum’s First Ladies exhibit. Melania Trump was the ninth first lady to present her Inaugural Gown as part of the presentation ceremony after Lady Bird Johnson started this tradition in 1964.

Curious individuals can visit Washington, DC, and the National Museum of American History to learn more about this dress, view Melania Trump’s dress, and learn about the role of First Ladies and the style they brought to the White House and formal presidential events over the years.

Why Is the Inaugural Ball Gown Important?

The Inaugural Ball gown that a First Lady wears is often considered one of the most important outfits of her time as the First Lady. This dress makes headlines, shows off the trending styles of the times, and plays a significant part in fashion history. These dresses typically have unique and interesting stories behind their creation. They play a role in history, and the designers who collaborate on the dresses play an important part in this tradition as they collaborate and create dresses that perfectly frame the First Lady’s style.

More details on the significance of the Inaugural Ball gowns can be found here.

Dazzling Dresses and Their Designers

Melania Trump’s Inaugural Ball gown is a notable dress and a piece of history. The Smithsonian National Museum of American History has this dress on display, and you can learn more about the dress online through the Smithsonian’s website. While you’re there, you can take the time to learn more about the dazzling dresses that individuals, including the First Ladies, wear to Inaugural Balls, and maybe start thinking about what kind of ball gown you would like to wear the next time you attend a formal event.