Where Do Lightsaber Crystals Come From?

The Star Wars lightsaber is one of the sci-fi weapons that has captured the imaginations of fans for decades. This glowing, plasma-filled energy sword that is connected to the Force is so powerful that it can cut through almost every substance in the galaxy. It is also the weapon of choice for Jedi Knights, Sith Lords and other Force-sensitives.

At the heart of every star wars lightsaber is a crystal that powers it. This crystal is known as a kyber crystal, and as fans continue to explore the Star Wars universe and its vast timeline, more mythology and history are revealed about how these kyber crystals work and where they come from.

So if you’re looking to learn more about the amazing crystals that power star wars lightsabers, this is the article for you. Below we shall be taking a quick dive into star wars lightsaber crystals and where they come from.

Lightsaber Crystals: What They Are

Lightsaber crystals, also known as Kyber crystals or sometimes living crystals are rare, naturally growing Force-attuned gems that are capable of amplifying and focusing energy. They are used as the power source of a lightsaber. Each kyber crystal has its own unique properties, and during the lightsaber assembly process, Force sensitives (usually the Jedi) will need to attune with the Force in order to activate and use them.

Kyber crystals direct energy through the Force in a unique manner, and they exhibit a sort of collective consciousness that enables them to communicate with living beings and one another. They are both inorganic and organic with no discernible lifespan; thus, they are found in many different sizes. True kybers (without impurities) are, however, only found in the veins of pure kyberite, which is the base mineral from which they grow.

Kyber crystals typically start out as clear and colourless, but once a force-sensitive has attuned with them, they gain a colour that matches their owner’s essence and relationship with the Force. The colour that they take on will also determine the colour of a lightsaber’s blade.

The colours of Jedi lightsaber crystals are mostly green and blue. However, other colours like purple, yellow, orange, cyan, and magenta are possible. As for Sith lightsabers, the kyber crystals are usually bled, so their colours change to red.

Lightsaber Crystals: Origin and History

In ancient times, before the existence of the Jedi and Sith Orders, kyber crystals were worshipped by primitive societies for their intricate structures, near impermeability and fire-resistant properties, which made them seem eternal. They were associated with rain, wind and breath. Over time, the Jedi began to see them as an embodiment of the Force, which led to these crystals being collected and protected by the Jedi. The Jedi also began to use them for decorating their temples and powering their lightsabers. According to Star Wars Legends, the Sith also began to use kyber crystals for their lightsabers and for powering ancient superweapons.

Types of Lightsaber Crystals

There are several different types of kyber crystals that Force-sensitives can use to construct lightsabers and other weapons. Some of them create different effects in the way a lightsaber works or functions. Common types of kyber crystals include; the Ilum kyber crystals (which are the most valuable and sacred type of kyber crystals to the Jedi), the Adegan, Dantari, Krayt Dragon Pearls, Memphite, Jedha, Obsidian, Seeker, Christophsis, Ghostfire, Solari, and Zophis kyber crystals.

Where Lightsabers Crystals Come From

Kyber crystals can be found on several planets across the Star Wars galaxy, but they are more predominant in Force-rich planets like Ilum, Lothal and Jedha. This is because these locations have stronger connections to the Force, so the crystals can grow and resonate with their energy. The crystal caves of Ilum are where the Jedi traditionally got their kyber crystals.

Obtaining a kyber crystal isn’t easy as they are typically resistant to being harvested by Force users who have bad intentions. Most of the time, only those who are attuned to the light side are able to successfully extract these crystals and utilise them for their lightsabers.


In the Star Wars universe, every lightsaber is powered by rare force-attuned gems known as kyber crystals or lightsaber crystals. These crystals are of different types, and they come from Force-rich planets such as; Ilum, Jedha and Lothal.