Understanding the Latest Innovations in TEXA Scan Tool Technology

TEXA designs and manufactures innovative tools for electrical autodiagnosis for use on trucks, cars, motorcycles, marine applications, and agricultural vehicles. TEXA scan tool provides total technical assistance during all stages of repair, from identifying the correct spare part to scanning fault symptoms. The diagnostic tool has one interface that can adapt to any vehicle type and system. Here is everything you need to know to understand the latest innovation in TEXA scan tool technology:

IDC5 Software

IDC5 is one of the latest innovations of TEXA’s outstanding operating system, a great step to assist technicians. Significant improvements in code have made the new system faster than before and provide virtually instant communication with the vehicle’s control units. TEXA scan tool graphic interface looks like the most recent consumer applications, making the repair and maintenance procedures more intuitive. Diagnostic pages provide a better view of the most helpful information. The diagnostic coverage portal allows you to choose the diagnostic environment and the make of the vehicle you want.

The updated and complete application list displays information regarding the system, model, engine, and available diagnostic functions. This software enables you to manage and view vehicle parameters. These parameters can be displayed in graphics form and filtered using text searching. Downloading is also faster using the new software. This software offers compatibility with the current IS0 13400, using a Windows PC or AXONE NEMO 2.

TXT Multihub Features

The TXT Multihub diagnostic tool can scan heavy-duty vehicles, construction vehicles, ATVs/UTVs, and agricultural vehicles. The diagnostic tool can operate with all TEXA IDC5 licenses to offer a versatile multi-brand diagnostic environment. TXT Multihub features more brilliant connectivity using a built-in backlit display. The display helps technicians to confirm vehicle system battery voltage, functioning modes, and connection status. The tool can display several messages during diagnostic operations.

A Linux operating system allows the device to switch channels automatically depending on the type of diagnosis and vehicle connection. The standalone system offers excellent usability, the chance to update the software, and to adopt new features seamlessly. The system also provides certified durability, guaranteeing that rigid use won’t hinder technicians from completing repairs.

TEXA App Virtual Store

TEXA app enables extending the software coverage or functions to simplify technicians’ work. Dashboard mode is an innovative function that allows you to use intuitive graphics to view vehicle engineering parameters. The graphics display the vehicle’s dashboard, the operating logic of the chosen system, and the mechanical components. The dual mode lets you view and connect parameters simultaneously on two different interfaces. You can study the signal using an oscilloscope while also diagnosing a part. LPG-CNG system is an app that enables you to analyze systems installed on used vehicles. The app allows you to work on various vehicles of different models and brands with an LPG-CNG system installed.

Hands-free Advanced Diagnostics

TEXA AXONE VOICE is a hands-free diagnostic solution that increases technician potential due to the innovative interaction between the diagnostic software and the technician. Facial recognition identifies users securely by unlocking several exclusive functions to assess diagnostic identification procedures that manufacturers need. Voice commands allow you to activate tasks from a distance when your hands are full. Facial recognition offers a more accessible and safer account authentication to unlock the tool when busy. Using the voice assistant makes everything easier. You don’t need to touch the device, but issue the command you want.

AXONE VOICE is proactive since it guides a person through diagnostic activities. After the vehicle scan, AXONE VOICE will suggest the services available, making your diagnosis work quicker. You can use your AXONE VOICE to start a diagnosis, launch an automatic scan on your vehicle’s control units, and search for the engine code. Thanks to a dedicated pop-up window, you can view bulletins, wiring diagrams, mechanical data, and technical sheets and contact the call center.

Buy a Reliable TEXA Scan Tool

Find a dealer who sells quality TEXA scan tools that can perform the tasks you want them to do. They should have experts who can offer technical support to guide you through any issue, from complex software issues to fundamental connection issues and everything in between. Prioritize a dealer with software with a lifetime license, no annual fee, and can work without an internet connection.