5 Applications that Can Help You Create Invoices on Mobile

Businesses have to take care of various things nowadays. One of the most important things to keep an eye out for is billing. Hence, businesses, especially those who fall in the category of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), should ensure seamless billing. A little mistake may lead to various issues, including monetary losses, reputation damage, and accounting issues. The best way to avoid such problems is by digitizing invoices.

Business owners of SMEs often think that invoicing solutions are complicated and costly. However, it is a false assumption. Lately, the modern world has seen many advancements. Many useful tools are available as smartphone apps to help users perform essential tasks. Luckily, you can also find apps to help you generate invoices on your mobile. These apps offer cost-effective solutions for SMEs, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to ensure seamless billing.

The problem, however, is that businesses and entrepreneurs often need help figuring out which invoice maker app will work best for them. 

This article will solve this issue by discussing a few standout invoice generator apps available for smartphones nowadays. If you find this article interesting and helpful, read it until the end to make the most out of it. Further details are given below.

  • Invoice Maker and Generator

This app is for you if you want a highly cost-effective and efficient invoice maker. The first thing you will notice as soon as you start using this app is the convenient user interface that makes it easy to use. People of any age or demographic can use it easily, so you don’t have to worry about the guidance session for your staff to learn how to use this app. This invoice generator application is available for free on the Play Store. Hence, you don’t need a hefty budget to set up an invoicing system for your business.

This invoices & estimates maker is a perfect fit for your business as it allows you to add various details to invoicing receipts. This invoice generator offers you ultimate customization. You can also add the logo of your business to the invoice. It also makes various sections, adds GST, and calculates without requiring additional input. Hence, this invoice maker app can help you reflect the professionalism of your business. Simply put, this app requires minimal effort from the user and helps them create professional invoices. 

  • Invoice Ninja

As the name suggests, this app is designed and developed to ace the smartphone invoice maker category. Using this app is easy. Hence, you won’t come across any intricacies while using it. You can use this invoice maker for free and manage up to 20 clients. Moreover, it allows you to generate unlimited invoices as a free user. It comes with multiple worth-mentioning features, including time tracking, auto-billing, and branded invoices.

It also allows businesses to add custom taxation settings. Users can also receive partial payments and deposits through it. The only drawback of using this invoice maker for free is that generated receipts come with a watermark saying “Created by Invoice Ninja”. However, subscribing to premium packages can overcome this issue and reflect high professionalism in your receipts. 

  • Akaunting

The name may sound weird, but this invoice maker app is highly beneficial if you want a cost-effective invoicing solution on your smartphone. It is capable of managing all the accounting needs of small businesses effectively. You can handle unlimited clients through this app. There is no restriction regarding invoice generation with this app.

It also offers various features like billable expenses, per-client discounts, dynamic reports, and inventory tracking for sales. Additionally, you can easily manage direct payments for invoices and full accounting with deposits through it. It also helps you manage transfers with bank accounts. Moreover, users and clients can view multilingual panels.

  • Invoice2Go

As the name suggests, this app is developed while keeping business owners and entrepreneurs in mind who rarely work at their desks and often manage their business affairs on the go. This app can be helpful for such business owners as it helps them generate, send, and track invoices with just a finger tap on their smartphone or tablet.

In addition to its primary purpose, this invoice generator app offers payment processing features because of its partnership with multiple leading payment processing services. It allows you to customize invoices by offering you several template options. You can add your company’s logo and name to the invoice and ensure a professional invoice through this handy app. 

  • Hiveage Invoicing

This app was previously known as CurdBee, but it recently got a new face as Hiveage, and a significant featurelift. This update has again made it a serious contender amongst leading smartphone invoice maker apps. The free version of this invoice maker doesn’t have a prefixed monthly limit for invoice creation and management. 

This invoice maker is fully compatible with leading payment processing services, making it easier for business owners and subordinates to manage deposits, payments, and partial payments. This app makes invoicing on the go really easy for users because of its friendly and simple interface. The best thing about it is the customization it offers in its premium subscription packages to ensure cost-effective invoicing