UK Spouse Visa From Turkey: Bring Your Turkish Spouse To UK

British nationals or permanent residents frequently choose the UK Fiancé Visa when planning a marriage to a Turkish partner. The fiancé may stay in the UK for six months with this visa, but they must be married or form a civil partnership. Your Turkish spouse may apply for a UK spouse visa from Turkey or a Civil Partnership Visa to stay in the UK after the marriage.

Today, we will discuss the required information to apply for a UK spouse visa from Turkey.

UK Spouse Visa From Turkey: Eligibility

A Fiancé Visa applicant and sponsor must fulfil a few criteria to be eligible:

  • The couple must be genuine in their engagement and plan to get married within six months of the visa being granted. It is required that neither party be married to another person or be in a civil partnership at the moment.
  • Both partners must be at least eighteen years old at the moment of application.
  • The UK-based sponsor must earn at least £18,600 (which will increase to £38700 in the spring of 2024) annually or have enough money to support their spouse independent of government assistance. The amount increases if the couple is also sponsoring kids.
  • The application must include information on the intended marriage and proof of any costs already paid, such as a reserved location or other ceremony preparations.
  • Candidates must show a basic command of the English language, which regularly involves passing an approved A1-level exam.
  • The sponsor is responsible for finding their partner suitable housing in the UK that satisfies all requirements and isn’t overly crowded.
  • The Fiancé Visa applicants shouldn’t try to establish long-term residency in the UK, nor should they plan to stay in the country for longer than six months. The candidate must be able to cover the cost of their return flight from the United Kingdom.

Processing Time:

Fiance visa applications usually get approved in two to three months, though actual processing timeframes may vary. The applicant will be informed of the outcome, and should their visa be approved, they can arrange to travel to the UK to join their partner.

The couple has six months from arriving in the UK to get married. After this time, to remain in the UK, the applicant must apply for a Civil Partnership Visa or a Spouse Visa if they get married. Remember that the Fiancé Visa does not allow one to work or get government assistance. 

Your Turkish partner may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) through the Spouse Visa and Civil Partnership Visa routes once they have been in the UK for five years.

What will getting a UK spouse visa in Turkey in 2024 cost?

In 2024, the cost of a spouse visa for the UK in Turkey is 11,523 Turkish Real. This amount is based on the £1,846 Home Office application cost and the exchange rate of 1 GBP to 6.24 Turkish Real at the time of writing.

Turkish applicants applying for a UK spouse visa must also pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). IHS charges 11,687 Turkish Reals as a fee. This amount is based on the £1,872 IHS fee and the conversion rate in effect at the time of writing.


It is essential to pay close attention to the requirements, costs, and processing periods when completing the UK Spouse Visa process from Turkey. My Legal Services is an expert in making this process easier by providing personalised advice, help with documents, and support for quick processing. We ensure the process is easy and stress-free so couples can get back together quickly and start a new life in the UK.