Top 5 Logistic Scholarships 2023-2024 to Apply For and Succeed In Your Career

Logistic scholarships refer to the area of supply chain management, transportation, international trade, warehouse, and distribution. If you wish to get financial aid for studying logistics, there are a lot of possibilities. While some universities like the University of Evansville offer scholarships for students who learn logistics, other non-profit organizations and funds are ready to financially support students who are also prepared to dedicate their study time and career to the logistics field. If you have already enrolled in the course or are a student, try participating in the following scholarship programs.

Extensiv Supply Chain Scholarship 

Status: Open, renewed each semester. Deadline December 1, 2023

Award: from $2,500

In order to foster interest in logistics and supply chain, Extensiv (former 3PL Central) has created a scholarship fund. This company develops solutions for warehouses and other logistic companies to improve their performance. To be eligible for the program, you must be a current student in Canada or a U.S. college or university who studies supply chain or logistics curriculum. Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA program students are welcome to submit the application. There are no restrictions on citizenship.

You must upload all required details on the official Extensive website to apply for the scholarship. Also, applicants must write a 1,000-word essay about which significant development will occur in the future of supply management, referencing researchers from reliable sources. If you can’t write it by yourself and you wish to impress the committee, you can use the scholarship essay writing service for help.

Terry L. Priest Transportation Scholarship

Status: Closed. Possible opening date December 1, 2023

Award: $2,500 minimum (one-year award)

This financial aid program was created in honor of Terry L. Priest, who has made a valuable input in logistics and transportation education. This scholarship is solely dedicated to supporting students who are genuinely interested in areas of transportation, logistics, and supply chain management. You can apply to this program if you are already enrolled in the related program in an accredited college or other accredited institution in the U.S., can confirm financial need, hold a GPA of 3.0 and more, and have straightforward plans to build a career in a logistics-related industry.

To become a participant in the scholarship program, you need to fill in the online application. You will need to add copies of your academic transcripts, details about your current financial situation, and show your commitment to the field of logistics. Also, you need to know that the received costs will be transferred directly to the account of your educational institution for your educational needs and should be spent within the academic term. Even if you have received financial aid this year, you can apply to this program once more in the upcoming year as long as you match the eligibility requirements.

Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation (AWAF) Scholarship

Status: Open, deadline January 8, 2024

Award: from $2,500 (one-year award)

This financial aid program was created to support women students who are passionate about automobiles and related fields. To be eligible, you must be a current student at a college or university, study a related automobile industry curriculum, hold at least a 3.0 GPA, and be a U.S. or Canadian citizen.

To apply for the AWAF scholarship, you need to download the application form from the official website, fill out the details, attach all required documentation, and submit it to the physical address of the program specified on the website. Also, you need to write a cover letter where you need to disclose your volunteering experience, extracurricular activities, educational and career goals.

The application committee will consider all applications and choose the best candidates on its basis. This scholarship fund allocates costs for tuition fees and other educational expenses. Also, the recipients will have access to AWAF membership for a year.

The Material Handling Education Foundation Scholarship (MHEFI)

Status: Closed. Possible opening date November 15, 2023, deadline January 31, 2024

Award: from $1,500 to $6000 (one-year award)

A charitable organization created this program to provide financial assistance to students who are keen on spheres connected to logistics and supply chains. The application committee expects the applicants to show their passion for gaining knowledge in the chosen field and possess strong leadership skills. You must be an undergraduate, full-time student in an accredited and non-profit U.S. university or college with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Before submitting the application form, you must register on the official MHEFI website and ask your professor (or another faculty member) for nomination by inserting their name and email into the form. When you receive a nomination, start to fill in the application form with the required information. Along with the basic information, you must attach a research paper, case study, or other academic paper demonstrating your passion for the logistics or supply chain field. Also, your school must send your academic transcripts, as students do not accept such documents.

Transportation Club of Houston Scholarship

Status: Closed. Possible opening date winter 2023

Award: N/A

Transportation Club of Houston holds a fund to financially support students who study transportation, logistics, and other related fields. You can participate in the competition solo or in conjunction with your professor. All information about the previous application process is available on the official website, and you can contact the club representatives if you have any questions.

To become a participant, you need to provide a current resume that must contain contact details, student plan, employment background, references, and details about your community involvement, volunteering, or extracurricular activities. Along with a resume, you must write an essay on the suggested topic that should be adequately structured, visually appealing, and properly referenced. The required documentation should be submitted by regular mail or emailed to [email protected].


Don’t be afraid to apply to all scholarships you are eligible to apply for. Carefully look at the requirements, be attentive to the application form, and monitor deadlines to improve your chances of receiving financial aid. Good luck!