The Art of Coffee Pairing: Which Colombian Snacks Complement Your Brew?

Coffee pairing involves combining coffee with food that complements flavor profiles, intensifying the overall tasting experience. The possibilities are exciting when considering Colombian coffee, known for its smooth and mild flavor, as Colombia has a rich array of traditional snacks. 

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Mild Brews and Sweet Bites

Colombian coffee, renowned for its balanced acidity and hint of sweetness, pairs exceptionally well with sweet snacks. Traditional Colombian sweets like Bocadillo, a guava paste often paired with cheese, accentuate the nuanced notes in a mild coffee. The sweetness of the Bocadillo contrasts the coffee’s bitterness, balancing the overall flavor experience.

Robust Coffee and Salty Snacks

Salty snacks serve as the ideal complement for those who prefer a stronger, more robust brew. Arepas, a type of bread made from ground maize dough or cooked flour, can be savory and filled with cheese, enhancing the boldness of the coffee. This combination allows a strong coffee’s rich, bold flavors to shine while the salty snack cuts through its intensity, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Nutty Aromas and Crunchy Combinations

Colombian coffee often carries a nutty aroma, and pairing it with crunchy, nutty snacks amplifies this characteristic. Ajiaco, a hearty soup containing chicken, potatoes, and corn, served with a side of avocado and capers, offers a crunchy texture through its accompaniments, complementing the coffee’s nutty notes. The textures and flavors coalesce, providing a symphony of taste sensations.

Fruity Notes and Tangy Companions

Certain Colombian coffees exhibit fruity notes, which can be highlighted with the right pairing. Empanadas, a popular snack stuffed with meat, rice, and vegetables and often served with a side of tangy sauce, are excellent companions to fruity coffees. The tanginess of the sauce enhances the coffee’s fruity notes, rendering each sip a refreshing experience.

Rich Chocolates and Decadent Treats

Chocolate is a universally loved pairing with coffee, and Colombia, being a significant cocoa producer, offers an array of chocolate treats. Pairing a rich, chocolate-laden treat like Chocoramo, a chocolate-covered cake, with a smooth Colombian coffee can bring forth a wave of luxurious, velvety textures and flavors. The combination of bitter and sweet elements creates a multifaceted taste experience that is deeply satisfying.

When exploring coffee pairing, it is important to consider the natural characteristics of each product. The unique characteristics of Colombian coffee make it an ideal candidate for tasting experiences that closely match the country’s multifaceted culture. There are many more ways to combine the two: try pairing Belgian-roasted beans with a fresh fruit smoothie, or pour a cup of Brazil’s popular coffee “agua” with a slice of freshly baked coconut cake. The possibilities are endless when exploring coffee pairing.


The art of coffee pairing is a journey of discovering harmonious combinations of flavors and textures. With its diverse taste profiles, Colombian coffee offers endless possibilities when paired with the nation’s traditional snacks. From sweet and savory to crunchy and smooth, the choices are abundant, allowing coffee enthusiasts to explore and savor various sensory experiences, making each cup of Colombian coffee a unique adventure in flavor.