Selecting the Right T-shirt Style for Cotton Tshirt Printing – Unisex or Women’s

There are a lot of t-shirt types that have been designed over the years which means when you are looking at graphic tshirt printing it is not just about the graphic. You also need to consider the type of t-shirts your audience and purpose would best suit. Women’s cut t-shirts are ones that are styled and sized specifically for the shape of a female figure. They also consider things like expectations from society and cultural considerations. They are more fitted in general. Unisex t-shirts are ones that are designed and styled to be worn by everyone. They are looser in general and more versatile.

Exploring unisex shirts

Unisex t-shirts have a universal appeal for cotton tshirt printing. If you have a large variety in your audience you might opt for them to fit a lot of different body types while being comfortable to wear. Some things that stand out about them include;

  • Length of the sleeves – Typically these t-shirts have wider and longer sleeves that come down as far as the elbow. This makes them more casual.
  • Shape and fit – This is a straight cut shirt almost boxy in nature and does not conform to any gender’s body shape. This means it is looser and so more desirable for those who want something more relaxed.
  • Hips and waist – The uniform width of this short means it can be looser at the bottom and it does not tuck in to the waist at all.
  • Neck – Most commonly this type of t-shirt uses crew neck style giving it something that works well with any gender.
  • Length of shirt – Because of their unisex nature they are longer giving lots of coverage.

Unisex t-shirts work well with graphic tshirt printing because they appeal to more people and they are non-restrictive, casual and roomy.

Exploring women’s cut shirts

Women’s cut t-shirts are designed more for women to complement the female shape giving a fitted and contoured look. Some things that stand out about them include;

  • Length of sleeves – Typically this style comes with sleeves that are not just more tightly fitted but that are shorter. Commonly they only reach to the upper or mid upper arm, sometimes above the elbow.
  • Shape and fit – When using women’s cut t-shirts for cotton tshirt printing these are more tailored in how they fit being more narrow at the shoulders and then wider at the hips.
  • Hips and waist – These t-shirts are pulled in so they are more narrow at the waist and then wider at the hips to suit the female figure.
  • Neck – Unlike with uniform t-shirts where they are usually crew necks, with women’s they can be a variety that are considered to flatter the woman’s neckline so it includes scoop necks and v-necks.
  • Length of shirt – Usually they are shorter in length to work with the more cropped style of shirt and because women t-shirts in general are shorter in design.

This style is great if you are buying for women and want something more figure fitting and tailored.