Recliners: Your Pathway To Unparalleled Comfort And Ease

After enduring long hours at work, tackling the daily grind of tasks and responsibilities can add physical strain and stress. Consequently, when the long, hectic day draws to a close, and you finally return home, you look for a sanctuary—a refuge that offers solace and rejuvenation, a space where you can restore the energy you’ve expended throughout the day. Even on those precious off days, the desire remains the same. You seek the opportunity to immerse yourself in cherished hobbies or perhaps savour the warmth of quality moments with your loved ones; all you can do is relax.

This is precisely why recliner chairs are the epitome of comfort and relaxation. It’s not merely a piece of furniture; it’s your refuge. With their timeless style and unmatched comfort, recliner chairs have been cherished companions in homes for many years. The recliner chair reigns supreme when finding the perfect balance between exceptional seating comfort and unparalleled convenience.

Though a recliner chair offers more than a cosy seat, it has many options. Finding the perfect recliner takes some research – but the payoff in daily relaxation and pain relief can be immense. Here’s what to know when shopping for your ideal recliner.

Size Matters

Selecting the perfect recliner involves a crucial consideration: finding the ideal size that suits your physique and fits seamlessly into your designated space. To embark on this quest, measure where you plan to put the recliner and consider your height and body frame. 

Recliners come in various sizes to accommodate diverse needs. Compact recliners, typically around 33 inches wide, are designed for cosier spaces. On the other end of the spectrum, there are oversized recliners, sprawling at 60 inches or more in width, offering more room for relaxation. Leave enough room for the recliner to fully recline without hitting walls or other furniture. 

Comfort Levels

Recliners come in varying comfort levels, from basic entry-level manual recliners to high-end models with multiple power adjustments. Consider what features are most important to you. Manual recliners require you to manually push or pull a lever to recline the back and raise the footrest. Power recliners use buttons or remotes to control these functions electronically. Higher-end power recliners allow you to independently adjust the backrest angle and footrest position to customise your comfort.

Upholstery Materials

Recliners present various choices regarding their outer coverings, each with its characteristics. Leather recliners offer a luxurious and durable option that typically costs more. Fabric upholstery like polyester or microfiber is more affordable and has many colour and pattern options. Ensure the upholstery material is easy to clean and maintains its texture over time. Carefully inspect the fabric for flaws.

Frame and Springs

The internal construction largely determines the recliner’s comfort, durability, and lifespan. High-quality recliners have a strong, sturdy wooden frame and steel reclining mechanism. Springs in the seat cushion are essential for comfort and support. Sinuous, serpentine, and pocketed coil springs are best. The more springs, the better the distribution of body weight.

In addition to springs, the thickness and density of foam padding are equally crucial factors to consider. Quality recliners feature ample, dense foam padding, ensuring you enjoy luxurious comfort every time you sit. 

Added Features

Many recliners boast extra features like storage compartments, USB ports, built-in heat and massage, power headrests, and lumbar supports. When contemplating these add-ons, it’s important to discern whether they are essential must-haves or simply appealing bonuses for your needs. Also, check that added features like cup holders, pockets, and chargers are conveniently located within the recliner’s design to enhance overall comfort and functionality.

Test in Person

The only way to determine if a particular model suits you is to try it out in person. Sit on display floor models at furniture stores in Perth for at least 10-15 minutes to gauge comfort and construction. Recline the chair fully and check that the footrest extends to support your legs properly. Be sure the power controls are easy to reach and operate.

The Bottom Line

With this knowledge, you can confidently shop for your dream recliner! Make your selection, and don’t settle for anything less than the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and style. Investing in the right recliner for your needs will ensure you kick back and enjoy it for years of cosy relaxation.