Peace Of Mind And Beyond: The Benefits Of Adt Home Security


Every year, millions of crimes are reported in the United States. Out of those crimes, property crimes are among the most common ones. A property crime includes any sort of break-in, burglary, larceny, theft, or vandalism of your property or house. Having a home security system to protect your home as well as yourself and your loved ones is a necessity in times like these. ADT is one of the most renowned home security solution providers in the United States.

ADT packages include a variety of equipment and services that ensure your home is safe and helps avoid crime before it’s committed. The company that started over a decade ago has years of experience and expertise in providing home security. With the continuous advancement of technology, ADT has revolutionized its home security services with modern, cutting-edge equipment, like security cameras, alarms, and sensors, as well as premium services, like professional in-house monitoring, customer service, and more.

Getting a home security system from a company like ADT has a lot of benefits. In this article, let’s get into detail about these benefits, and take a look at some of the security packages ADT offers.

Property Crime in the United States

We mentioned how property crime is the most common type of crime that takes place in the United States every year. Here’s a detailed look at the numbers and statistics:

Roughly, over one million burglaries and thefts take place in the US every year. In terms of times, a house is robbed or broken into every 25.7 seconds. The state that has the highest rate of property crimes, like burglaries and thefts, is New Mexico. As per official data, 648.6 incidents of property crime takes place per 100,000 residents. Oklahoma ranks second, with 613.3 incidents of property crime per 100,000 residents. New Hampshire is considered the safest state since it ranks lowest on the list and has only 103.3 incidents reported per every 100,000 residents.

Benefits of Having ADT Security Systems Installed at Your Home

Now that you are aware of the need for home security systems, let’s take a look at what benefits you get when you get a home security system from ADT:

Proactive Protection Against Property Crime

With a comprehensive home security system from ADT installed at your home, you are proactively protecting your home from property crimes instead of reacting after a crime has taken place. ADT’s security cameras provide you with live footage of your home around the clock. Moreover, their security alarms can catch even the slightest of movements when armed, which can alert the authorities if someone tries to break into your home.

Simply having a home security system installed acts as a deterrent to criminals and makes your home a less likely target. This is because criminals know they have a high chance of being caught or tracked.

24/7 Professional In-House Monitoring

ADT home security provides round-the-clock professional monitoring for your security cameras. A professional will keep an eye out for your home and inform you as well as the relevant authorities in case they notice any sort of suspicious activity or danger to your home. Furthermore, ADT’s professional monitoring is in-house, which means they provide these services without involving a third-party company. This makes their services better, as well as protecting your privacy and data.

Remote Access

ADT home security comes with mobile phone applications that provide users with remote access. There are two applications ADT currently offers, ADT Pulse and ADT Control, and both of them are available on IOS as well as Android platforms. These applications allow you to access your alarm system remotely. You can easily arm or disarm your alarm system, view live surveillance footage from your camera, and control devices and applications in your home. Furthermore, these applications provide you instant alerts and notifications if any movement is detected in the motion sensors while the system is armed, or if any alarm is triggered.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection

While protecting your home against burglaries is an important aspect of home security, it’s crucial to also consider other potential hazards such as fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Modern home security systems now incorporate smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, which can promptly alert homeowners and authorities at the first indication of danger. These early warnings can save lives by providing occupants with valuable time to evacuate and minimizing property damage.

While fire detection is relatively straightforward due to the presence of flames and smoke, carbon monoxide poisoning often goes unnoticed unless there is a carbon monoxide alarm in place. This is because carbon monoxide is both colorless and odorless, yet highly toxic. Exposure to this gas can lead to fainting or even death within minutes.

Best in the Business

ADT excels as one of the leading providers of home security systems and solutions. Their products and services are of the highest quality, offering homeowners peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding their homes. Additionally, all ADT products undergo rigorous testing and certification processes, minimizing the risk of equipment or product failure.

Prompt Services

ADT is renowned for its swift services, ensuring that customers don’t have to endure lengthy delays after placing their home security system orders. ADT guarantees that products are swiftly delivered and installed within 48 hours of ordering, providing immediate security for both loved ones and belongings.

Free Installation and Repairs

While installation costs for home security systems can range from $99 to $199, ADT’s packages include the expenses associated with installation, removing concerns about additional charges. Similarly, if any repairs are needed, ADT covers the cost as part of their packages, delivering a hassle-free experience for customers.


As a customer-centric company, ADT prioritizes delivering exceptional service to its clients. This commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the flexibility of their packages, allowing for customization to meet your specific requirements. Whether you desire additional cameras or enhanced features, ADT is ready to accommodate your needs.

Insurance Coverage

ADT places great emphasis on customer safety. In the unfortunate event of a theft, burglary, or vandalism despite an armed security system, ADT offers insurance coverage of up to $500, providing an extra layer of protection.

Money-Back Guarantee

To ensure your satisfaction, ADT offers a generous 6-month money-back guarantee. If you are not content with the product or services, you can rest assured knowing that you can get a refund.

Special or Promotional Offers

ADT regularly introduces special offers for its valued customers. Currently, ADT includes a complimentary Google Nest Doorbell worth $229 with their home security package subscriptions. The Google Nest Doorbell Camera provides numerous additional features, such as night vision, pre-recorded quick responses, customizable activity zones, and noise and echo cancellation.


ADT, being a customer-centric company, prioritizes delivering exceptional service to its clients. This dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the flexible nature of their packages, allowing for customization to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need additional cameras or enhanced features, ADT is prepared to accommodate your needs.

Insurance Protection

ADT places significant emphasis on customer safety. In the unfortunate event of theft, burglary, or vandalism, even with an armed security system in place, ADT offers insurance coverage of up to $500, providing an additional layer of protection.

Money-Back Guarantee

To ensure your satisfaction, ADT offers a generous 6-month money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product or services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is secure.

Special Promotions and Offers

ADT frequently introduces special offers for its valued customers. Currently, ADT includes a complimentary Google Nest Doorbell valued at $229 with their home security package subscriptions. The Google Nest Doorbell Camera offers numerous additional features, including night vision, pre-recorded quick responses, customizable activity zones, and noise and echo cancellation.

Audio Recording in Security Cameras

One of the biggest advantages of ADT security packages is that the cameras come with audio recording. There are numerous advantages associated with having audio recording in security cameras. Let’s take a look at it below:

Enhanced Security

The presence of audio recording in your home security cameras significantly boosts the overall security of your residence. By capturing audio within the vicinity of your house, you can stay informed about any suspicious conversations or potential threats. This proactive approach enables homeowners to promptly secure their homes and respond to potential dangers, which helps in enhancing their overall security.

Additional Information

The audio recording in security cameras proves to be invaluable during incidents such as burglaries, thefts, or acts of vandalism that require police investigations. By recording voices and speech patterns, these cameras help in tracking suspects and identifying them. For instance, in many burglary cases, perpetrators or thieves hide their facial identities with masks, making it challenging to track them. However, audio recording can assist authorities in their investigative processes.

Cost Savings

While security cameras may provide wide-angle coverage and high-quality video recording, blind spots can still exist. To compensate for these gaps, individuals often resort to installing additional cameras, which not only results in extra costs but also creates system or wiring complexities. By incorporating audio recording into your security cameras, you become aware of activities occurring in blind spots, eliminating the need for extra cameras and their associated expenses.

Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio represents modern smart technology that allows you to communicate through the camera using your smartphone. By integrating ADT security cameras with your smartphones and ensuring an internet connection, you can converse with individuals inside your home while you are away or even communicate with people outside when you are indoors.

ADT Packages

ADT offers a variety of home security packages with different offerings and different price ranges. Let’s take a look at some ADT security packages here:

ADT Secure

If you’re looking for a basic package that offers security but isn’t too costly, ADT Secure is ideal for you. In this package, you’ll get a motion detector, sensors for three doors and windows. All of this can be controlled via a touchscreen control panel that is included in the package. Along with this, you’ll get fire sensors, flood/water sensors, intrusion detection, and voice control for your system. The rental cost of the equipment alone is $9.98 with a 5-year contract and the whole package costs $45.99 per month.

ADT Smart

One of the best-selling ADT packages, ADT Smart is an upgrade over ADT Secure. It includes everything you get with ADT Secure and more! With this package, you’ll get a smart door lock and a smart plug. You can choose to get any additional features added if you want, it will cost a bit more. The rental cost of this package starts at $49.99 per month and is adjusted according to whatever features you get added to the package.

With ADT Smart, you also get home automation and remote access. This means you’ll either have access to the ADT application, ADT Pulse or ADT Control, which allows you to access your security system, arm or disarm it, view your surveillance footage, and more from any location. Moreover, you can connect a variety of home devices and appliances, like the thermostat, smart lights, plugs, and more, and control them from anywhere!

ADT Complete

The most comprehensive home security package ADT offers, ADT Complete provides you with everything offered in the ADT Smart and ADT Secure Packages. Furthermore, it provides you with a doorbell camera and one indoor camera. The equipment rent for ADT Complete starts at $17.99, and for just $59.99 per month, you gain access to a variety of additional benefits included in the package.

One notable feature of ADT Complete is 24/7 video recording and storage. This means that your home is not only being professionally monitored all the time but the footage is also being recorded and can be accessed by you or relevant authorities anytime!

Final Thoughts

ADT is one of the best home security solution providers and there are countless benefits of having their home security system installed in your home. If you have any further questions or need more details, you can reach out to the ADT customer service team!