Optimising Work Efficiency with Leading Online Time Tracking Software

Time tracking management software allows employees to manually or automatically track time spent on tasks, projects and other deliverables. Both employers and employees use this tool in various industries. Also, small-sized and mid-sized business owners use this software to stay updated and organised in managing employees’ work time.  Since work time tracking software enables accountability, it helps to increase employee productivity and identify which events or activities are causing a waste of time. Also, it keeps all data in a centralised location. Furthermore, time-tracking software can adjust workflow discrepancies to fix what is not working, eventually boost profitability and streamline payroll and invoicing operations for companies. To optimise work efficiency, companies must exercise the best online time tracking software

What Are The Best Workplace Software For Time Tracking?

Time-tracking management software is an essential tool that enables organisations and teams to become more efficient, organised and productive. An ideal time-tracking software will help companies save their precious time and money. There are over a hundred time-tracking software available in the market. But choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Here is a list of the leading time-tracking software that can help a company boost its employee productivity. 


ProHance is a leading time-tracking software that helps organisations to create a future-ready workforce. With over 3,20,000 users in 24+ countries, this software offers visibility across multiple organisational levels, enabling teams to work smoothly from different locations. It also helps business leaders make informed decisions based on real-time insights into employee performance, resource distribution, managing projects and more. Its timesheets ensure employees manually or passively update their attendance and leaves so that they don’t feel burned out. ProHance time-management software further helps with the following:

  • Work distribution and workflow management
  • Employee wellness
  • Offers workforce analytics 
  • Optimises IT resources
  • Boosts employee awareness for better performance

Moreover, this software comes with multiple features, including work input, screen recording, work output, advanced allocation algorithms, seat utilisation by periods, real-time task tracking and more. 


ProofHub is a time-tracking and project-management platform that offers numerous features to promote team collaboration. Organisations can use this platform to share announcements on the latest achievements, send birthday greetings, congratulate colleagues and more. The software also comes with a chat option to establish communication between co-workers. 

ProofHub also helps with productivity tracking. When employers have a full view of the project that employees are working on, they can prevent risks; thus the system features a centralised dashboard. This software also gets a Calendar feature where employees can see an overview of their tasks and add milestones that they need to reach. 


A time-tracking software, Harvest helps employees track their time spent on each task or overall project. It gathers data and generates simple visual reports that allow managers to understand what their teams have been working on and make informed business decisions. Not only does the software help users keep track of their spending time, but it also keeps revenue flows and invoices in one place. 

Thus, this time-tracking system will combine expense tracking for startups and freelancers. If a client forgets to pay businesses or freelancers, Harvest will send a reminder to the clients. 


The time-tracking system, RescueTime, other than calculating the spend time of employees, also monitors their productivity. The software automatically assesses the productivity of employees based on their pre-defined categories with integrated productivity ratings. For instance, the system will automatically consider Facebook as a distracting URL, but it will consider Microsoft Excel as a constructive one. However, if users don’t agree with RescueTime’s URL classifications, they can customise the classifications to meet their requirements. Moreover, with this software, users can create work goals and measure their progress. 


Toggl is a timer-based management software that tracks employee time during working hours. Built with an easy-to-use UI, this software comes with several features that assist individuals and teams in managing their time and increasing productivity. The timer of Toggl is simple to start and stop, allowing employers to reliably measure staff hours spent on different events. Recorded time may be further categorised by adding tags and project labels. 

Another useful aspect of this time management tool is that it has the ability to create estimates and warnings. For instance, users may enter the number of hours a project takes and then track its progress to see how it compares to the estimate in the project dashboard as users are working on it. 

Hours TimeLord

With simple tracking capabilities, Hours TimeLord is a time clock software that is best suited for users who don’t want complex functionality. This system is available on mobile apps and allows users to retain an ongoing list of timers and rapidly transition between jobs. Employees can colour-code their projects and tasks on Hours TimeLord to help employees manage them. For example, by using a distinct colour for each activity or project, you can quickly distinguish between them. Furthermore, the timeline on this Hours TimeLord allows users to make adjustments to their recorded timestamps at any time. 


This is a time-tracking software that helps individuals and teams manage time spent on their own tasks and group projects. It has amazing features like a default project and timer. Clockify delivers aesthetically pleasing data for users to view in order to measure the majority of the team’s time, allowing them to better manage their performance. 

The platform provides various integrations and a clean, elegant, and straightforward UI, regardless of the compatible device or browser you choose. This is because of its simple-to-navigate and user-friendly online interface, which can be used from anywhere to check the progress of managers and their current team. 


Hubstaff provides simple tracking features, project management capabilities and employee monitoring. It lets users track time anywhere. It offers time monitoring capabilities for mobile devices as well as Mac, Windows and Linux systems. This helps employers track their employees even when theyare out of the office or on the road. 

Using a GPS tracker, Hubstaff also monitors the location of the employees. The GPS monitoring capability is most widely utilised by businesses that have workers who travel frequently, such as sales and delivery personnel. Managers may use the on-the-go tracker to locate where their employees are at a given time, how much they spend on the work site and how much they are spending on the road. 

Final Thoughts

Time tracking is critical for understanding employee productivity. It is essential to determine whether or not a project will be lucrative. Know more about Why Is Time Management Important In The Workplace? One key benefit of time-management software is that it increases the connection between workplace and employee morale, which is advantageous for both the company and its personnel. Thus, time tracking helps organisations in multiple ways. Using software like ProHance and others will ensure how many hours employees are spending on each task and whether the time they are spending is productive or not.