Online Quranic Arabic Course; how to learn Quranic Arabic and its benefits

Arabic is the language that Allah Almighty has honored by revealing the Noble Quran in it. It is the language of the Holy Quran. To understand the Quran, one must learn to understand the Arabic language first. Learning the Arabic language is one of the most important sciences that a Muslim should strive to learn because it is the language in which he worships God. A Muslim offers his prayers in Arabic, all the duaas are also in Arabic. Muslims use to recite the Quran in their prayers and most of the duaas. Therefore it is not odd for a Muslim to learn Quranic Arabic. By learning Quranic Arabic one can easily understand The Quran and its meanings. 

What is Quranic Arabic?

The Arabic language used in the Quran or Islamic holy book is called Classical or Quranic Arabic. Or you can say Quranic Arabic is the language of the Holy book of Quran, which Allah revealed to our Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.  It is slightly different from modern Arabic, which is mainly used in everyday life. The main difference is in some wording. If you are interested in understanding the Quran and learning Islamic Arabic, then you can easily achieve this goal through Online Quranic Arabic Course. It will help you build a strong foundation of Arabic language and grammar, making it easier to understand the Quran due to its fairly sophisticated structure.

How to learn Quranic Arabic online?

In today’s world of digitalization, online learning has become very common. It has become so easy to learn online from home. What you need only is an internet source and a device on which you can learn online like mobile, tablet, PC, etc. The next step is to register on any of the Online Quranic Arabic Course. Select the most appropriate schedule of classes that suits you best according to your tasks. And attend the classes regularly. Reminders are usually sent by the online course instructors to join the class. Feedback and weekly reports are also generated that keep you knowing about your progress. Online learning courses never let you miss a class and it is the most effective and reasonable way of learning through home. 

Benefits of learning Quranic Arabic online

Arabic is a noble language because The Holy book of the Quran was revealed in it. Anyone who tries to learn Arabic for the sake of learning the Quran will be benefitted and rewarded by Allah Almighty. There are several benefits of learning Quranic Arabic both in this world and the world hereafter too. By learning Quranic Arabic you can get the following benefits

Performing Religious Rites 

In the prayers of Muslims, the Holy Quran must be recited in Arabic, regardless of their language. So if the person knows Quranic arabic he can properly recite it and understand it. Those prayers which are offered by heart and full understanding are loved by Allah Almighty and never rejected. 

Understanding the Quran correctly

Learning the Arabic language of the Quran through online Quranic Arabic classes will help you understand the Holy Quran. Whoever does not know Arabic well and knows linguistic expressions, will not find a way to understand and appreciate the meanings of the Quran and will not understand what God wants.

It was narrated that Umar ibn al khtab, may God be pleased with him, said: Learn Arabic because it is part of your religion, and learn the religious duties because it is part of your religion.

Interpretation of the Quran

Knowing the Arabic language is one of the most important tools for interpreting the Holy Quran. The Quran was published in Arabic. There is no doubt that it is not correct to understand and interpret it except in the same language in which the trustworthy spirit descended on the heart of the Prophet, the prayers of God and peace be upon him. Scholars emphasized the importance of the Arabic language in understanding and interpreting the Quran and warned against interpreting the Book of God without the Arabic language.

Mujahid bin Jabr said:

“Every person who believes in God and the Last Day is not allowed to speak in the Book of God unless he knows the Arabic languages”

Spreading Islamic Culture and knowledge

Learning Quranic Arabic allows a Muslim to understand his religion clearly and accurately, which enables him to pass on his knowledge and Islamic culture to others. Such a person can also give rise his children in a better Islamic way. 

Understanding the Laws of Islam

The teachings of Islam come from the Quran and the Noble Sunnah, which were revealed in Arabic, so by learning Arabic, a Muslim can learn the laws of his religion and its rituals. And he can also perform his rituals effectively.

Preserving Islamic heritage

Preserving the Islamic heritage is a noble deed. To preserve the islamic culture, heritage and knowledge is the duty of every Muslim. Learning Arabic helps to preserve the legacy left by companions and followers.


In previous ages, it was difficult to learn any new thing. But now you can easily learn Quranic Arabic online through different courses available online. These online Quranic Arabic lessons are full of knowledge given by trained and educated instructors who are qualified from top universities. So learning Quranic Arabic is not a matter of difficulty now. Learn and understand Quranic Arabic from today by joining an online Quranic Arabic course.