The Do’s And Don’ts Of Essay Writing

Written communication is, without a doubt, the most effective mode of communication presently. In fact, 70% of salaried jobs require writing skills. Yet, students tend to ignore the writing tasks they are assigned in schools and colleges. If you ask your friends, only a few would say they like writing essays.

With websites like offering help with essay writing, things have started looking good for students. The experts associated with these websites have addressed some of the major concerns among students with essay writing. They feel students are always in a hurry and tend to make some common mistakes, thus losing grades.

In this blog, we will explore some of the common mistakes students make while working on essays, along with a solution to all these problems.

Let’s get started!

1. Diverting from the Topic

One of the common mistakes students make while writing essays is getting diverted from the topic. You need to work on the essays with a certain word limit. What happens when you work on essays is that you have to keep a lot of things in mind, and there are chances of getting diverted from the topic.

The best way to avoid such situations and be on top of the task is by revising what you write at equal intervals. It will help you be on track and write the essay without getting diverted from the main question.

2. Using Too Many Quotes

Essays need relevant information. However, using too many quotes will not get the job done. You need to share your views on the topic as well to convince readers. It is crucial to understand the objective of essays and work on the tasks accordingly. Using too many quotes ruins the entire purpose of essay writing. Students feel using the quotes will help them attract more readers and justify the topic. You need to take all the steps to ensure there’s a limit to quotes.

What you need to do is find the right quotes and use them wisely in your essay. It will help you overcome the odds and craft a perfect essay to score well. Ask an expert for help in case you are not able to understand the quotes that are appropriate for the essay, and use them wisely in an essay.

3. Not Citing the Sources Correctly

Citation is one of the important elements of essays. Acknowledging the sources correctly is important to justify your research and find a way to ace the paper. Giving credit to authors is important to score well in the papers. Students are not well-versed in citations and are always struggling to cite the sources. If you don’t cite sources properly, you can fall prey to plagiarism. This can lead to serious consequences.

It is important to learn all about citation styles and cite your sources correctly in the papers. Take help from the essay help websites or look for an automated tool to get things done fast. But do not make the mistake of not citing the sources when you write the essays. You will not be able to score well and will fail to craft a perfect essay.

4. Poor Structuring and Organization

There are multiple sections in an essay. You need to understand the significance of each section and write them properly. It is crucial to learn the significance of the introduction, body, and conclusion and write each section properly. Students have trouble putting the correct points in each section and, consequently, fail to craft a perfect paper.

The experts suggest students create an outline before they start writing the paper. It helps in arranging the points properly in essays to justify the sections. You will be able to justify the sections and craft perfect essays.

5. Avoiding Proofreading

Proofreading and editing are the two most ignored steps of essay writing. Students complain about not having enough time to proofread and edit the essays. If you don’t proofread and edit the paper, you will not be able to score well. There’s no point in working hard and then not getting the right scores. Your professor will not let you get away with minor errors.

It is highly recommended that you check your essay before moving forward. You need to make sure that the essay is perfect and does not have any errors. Proofreading and editing help you do that. You must learn how to proofread and edit papers and work on them accordingly. Ask your professor or hire an expert to learn how to proofread and edit the paper. Implement the techniques to ensure you have a perfect solution and score well in the papers.

6. Procrastinating

Keeping things on hold is common among students. Essay writing is a time-consuming task, and also students find it boring to sit, find information, exercise their creative minds and compose an essay. What happens is that when the deadlines are near, you struggle to complete the task and, as a consequence, fail to craft the perfect paper.

While there are websites offering help with essays, you need to prepare yourself for bigger challenges in the future, and procrastination is a major obstacle you need to overcome. So, when you are assigned with an essay, start with a plan. Break your day as per your priorities. Keep some time for working on essays every day. That way, you will be able to meet the expectations and compose a perfect essay on time. In this case, you need to motivate yourself and start working on these tasks.

Final Thoughts,

There will be obstacles in every step during your academic career. You need to face the challenges and find a way to fight through it. Essay writing is common across all academic levels. Yet, most students are not willing to invest time in working on these tasks. So, when they are assigned with such tasks, they are prone to make mistakes.

The points above will help you know the common mistakes students might make and the ways to avoid them. Learn and implement them to craft a perfect essay.