How To Hack My Boyfriend’s Phone

Have you ever sat down, and thought about how to hack your boyfriends phone? Well, some of us do.

We agree that not all relationships go smoothly. Sometimes, small problems like this may occur at the most unpredictable times. One day you spend a lovely day with your boyfriend, and later on, you find out that he’s cheating on you.

Things like this might happen, and when it does happen, it stings. Curiosity in relationships is okay, as humans, we do have a sense of curiosity over things. When your boyfriend starts acting different all of a sudden, maybe there’s some cheating going on.

But, you shouldn’t confront him without proof. And to find evidence, you can hack boyfriends phone for free!

What is the evidence that your boyfriend is cheating?

We know that there are a lot of people asking about “I want to hack my boyfriends phone”, and in this article, we’ll try to answer that. Bur first, let us understand about the signs of cheating, because not all kinds of acts can be considered as is.

The signs of cheating may appear slow, but more apparent overtime. Here are some of them:

  • He starts avoiding you
  • He wants to hide his phone from you
  • He tries to limit communication with you, without any reasons
  • He doesn’t come to you as often
  • He rather spends his time with friends rather than with you
  • His libido’s suddenly changing
  • You can’t feel the love anymore
  • In the end, he’ll abandon you completely.

As you go on with the relationship, you may start noticing these signs. However, before coming to any conclusion, it’s better for you to look for evidence by hacking boyfriends phone!

How to hack the boyfriend’s phone?

So, is it possible to hack boyfriends phone for free? If you tend to look for the free alternatives, we highly recommend you avoid them as they are presented in a pretty scammy way. The free stuff will often have something behind them, like lots of ads, and worse, spyware.

Rather than using the free tools that are still questionable, why don’t you use something that’s legit and proven to be working? Yes, we’re talking about the spy apps.

In cases like this, these smart apps may work wonderfully in looking for any evidence from the inside of the target phone. One best example here is Eyezy that have very easy for user Eyezy control panel, and it may give you some useful features, such as:

  • Location Tracking. It detects the target phone’s location using GPS.
  • App Blocking. The feature can be useful if you want to block some suspicious apps that your boyfriends seems to be using a lot behind you.
  • Keywords Alerts. If you boyfriend types anything that you set to be restricted, you’ll be notified.
  • Great App Monitoring. Eyezy allows you to see the deeper secret by revealing the chats, calls, messages, and even the files sent and received from them.
  • Target Phone Tracking. Allows you see the additional information about the phone, like the battery amount, for example.

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Phone Password

In this section, we’ll explain about how to get your boyfriend’s phone password. In general, getting someone else’s password is as easy as guessing their combination. People usually put the passwords that somehow related to their lives, like phone number, work identification, dates, and many more.

Thus, what you can do here is guessing what the password is. Try to enter something that’s related to him or your relationship, like his car number, your anniversary, or something else. Or maybe you have watched when he input his password before, try to remember.

However, please note that entering wrong passwords for multiple times will ended up in the device or account being blocked by the system, so be careful about that. If you want to avoid it, better use the spy apps to hack partners phone, which are safer.


And that’s all we can share about how to hack your boyfriend phone. As you may notice, you have the spy apps as the best option at hand. However, make sure to use them only on special occasions, and be sure to utilize wisely.