How Expensive are Lab Grown Diamonds?


Getting a piece of diamond does not come cheap. Factors to consider when you are buying diamond include the quality of the diamond, carat weight, the size of the diamond, color, and certification. If a diamond was previously owned by a celebrity, then this could have an impact on the price, and it can fetch a high price. This article is going to explore the cost of lab grown diamonds.

How Expensive Are Lab Grown Diamonds

The lab grown diamonds have become very popular in the market in recent years, and if the current observations are anything to go by, this popularity is going to increase. The main benefits of the lab grown diamonds is that they are deemed to be more affordable compared to the natural diamonds. In addition to that, the lab grown diamonds are known to be eco-friendly and are not tainted with cases of human rights abuses and environmental degradation.

So, how expensive are lab grown diamonds? Just like the natural diamonds, the pricing of the lab grown diamonds is based on the 4Cs. Experts estimate that if you buy a lab grown diamond, then you could save 40 – 50 % of your diamond budget. This difference in cost between the natural diamond and the lab grown diamond is even more noticeable when you are dealing with a large diamond.

The future of the lab grown diamonds is going to be more optimistic in the future. When the lab grown diamonds were first introduced, they were not a cheap option. But the good thing with technology is that it tends to become cheaper and more accessible with time. The production of lab grown diamond has benefited from this observation.

As a matter of fact, the future of lab grown diamonds will be based on mass production. This will level the playing ground in the diamond industry and anyone who will need a diamond will be able to afford it.

However, there are some factors which can lead to even lower prices. For example, if a lab grown diamond has imperfections or inclusions, then, it is not going to carry a high cost. This is more so if the imperfections are visible or if the lab grown diamonds has dark spots. However, with better technology each year, diamond processing is becoming more precise.

As a consumer, there is a lot of information regarding the lab grown diamonds, and if you peruse this information, you will be able to make an informed decision. In particular, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and the International Gemological Institute (IGI), do issue grading reports on the lab grown diamonds just like the natural ones.

When you are looking for an ideal diamond, make sure that you get the right information beforehand. For example, if you are looking for a 1 carat round diamond, then you must understand its specific characteristics so that you do not end up disappointed.

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