How Does Lighting Affect Your Physical Well-Being?

You may think you’re taking good care of your health, but unless you have a well-illuminated space, you are not really doing a lot for your well-being. People think that good nutrition and exercise are key to good health. But that’s not entirely true. Lighting is a factor that is equally important as the above-mentioned elements. 

Lighting has a profound effect on your health and it’s time that you understood it. Lighting can have a positive or a negative impact on your health, depending on how you design the lighting layout of your living space. We’ll tell you about some of the important aspects of your health that lighting can have an impact on and then you can decide how well-lit you truly want your space to be. 

Effect on sleep 

Sleep is the first and foremost thing that gets affected due to bad lighting. It has been proven that humans need more exposure to light during the day to have a normal sleep cycle. Exposure to light throughout the day can and will naturally tire you out, keeping your body in sync with the circadian rhythm (the 24-hour cycle). 

If you feel that you are not getting enough exposure to lighting throughout the day, you can install high-intensity lighting designs that can mimic the natural progression of light quite easily. LED lighting is the best choice you can make for your space if you want to improve your sleep cycle. Go for LED Jhoomar, LED ceiling lights, LED floor lamp and other lighting designs that can lend a bright ambience to your space. 

Effect on vision

This is an absolute no-brainer that bad lighting can cause deterioration of your vision. And not just that but you invite a number of eye-related hazards due to bad illumination. Some of the common vision problems include night blindness, glaucoma, vision loss and more. 

Firstly, you need a well-lit environment to avoid any kind of vision problems. Then you need to figure out the right colour temperature that suits your eyes and you also need to have dimmable lighting in your space so that the glare doesn’t harm your eyes either.