Full Day Car Rental with Driver in Dubai: A Beginners Guide

UAE, the hub of the world’s most beautiful and culturally rich states is known around the world for its thriving tourism industry and business opportunities.  Therefore, millions of people visit this iconic land annually.

Different people use different ways such as public transport, taxi or cab, and personal vehicles to roam in and around different states of the UAE. However, hiring the services of a full day car rental with driver in Dubai or any other state is the most convenient and economical choice to explore these stunning pieces of land.

Though one can also rent a car without a driver in any state of the UAE, in this article we will cover car rental with chauffeur services and all aspects linked to it.

Car Rental with Chauffeur Services

Car rental with chauffeur services provides customers with the opportunity to rent a car without a driving license. The reason is that they also provide a professional driver with a rented car. However, hiring a driver charges an additional cost.

One Click Drive and various other credible car rental platforms are providing such services in all states of the UAE at reasonable rates.

Benefits of Renting a Car with a Driver in The UAE

Car rental with chauffeur services is the time and cost savings approach to exploring the mysterious beauty of Dubai and its neighboring cities with comfort and ease. It can bring the following benefits to users;

  • The most important benefit of hiring chauffeur services is the comfort and ease.
  • Car rental platforms often have local drivers who are well familiar with all famous places, rules, and regulations of the state.
  • Hiring a professional chauffeur protects you from fatal road accidents.
  • It eliminates the risk of fines and penalties.
  • It sets you free and allows you to enjoy with your friends or family while traveling to a famous destination.
  • Professional drivers have the skills to drive on massively busy roads and shortcuts to reach a location in time.
  • It eliminates the stress of driving for long distances.

How to Rent a Car With a Driver in The UAE?

The process of renting a car in the United Arab Emirates is quite easy and simple. You can do this job both manually and by installing a credible car rental app such as One Click Drive.

The step-by-step instruction to rent a car with a driver in any state of the Emirates is given below;

1.   Select A Credible Company

The very first step to rent a car in the United Arab Emirates is the selection of a reliable company. For this purpose, you can seek help from professional tourists, your colleagues or friends, and local tourist guides to recommend a reliable platform to rent a car with a chauffeur.

You can also search online to shortlist some top-ranked chauffeur service providers in the desired location and check their reliability. For this purpose, you can review their previous clients’ reviews and check their social media profiles to know what people are talking about their services.

2.   Ask for Driver Credentials

Once you have finalized the vendor, the next step is hiring the chauffeur services. Some companies have professional and skilled drivers while some also have trainees.

Make sure to ask for the chauffeur’s credentials including working experience, skills, and ratings or previous customer feedback. It will help you to make the right selection.

3.   Follow a Travelling Plan

Another effective strategy to hire the right chauffeur services is creating a traveling plan and discussing it with the vendor. Your traveling plan must include the places you want to explore, duration, and budget.

Make sure to clear everything with the vendor to avoid disputes during the journey.

4.   Look for a Perfect Vehicle

The next step in hiring chauffeur services is the selection of an ideal car that can perfectly fit your traveling needs. You can consider the vehicle size, number of passengers, distance or duration, and budget to make a wise decision.

Make sure to prefer the performance quality and physical conditions of the car over the price.

5.   Discuss Payment Details

The final step to making a deal is discussing the payment details transparently. Don’t hesitate to ask vendors about actual rent, chauffeur services costs, and additional charges such as taxes and parking fees.

It will protect you from paying hidden costs and conflicts or disputes due to over rates.

Key Takeaway

Renting a car with chauffeur services in Abu Dhabi and all other states of the United Arab Emirates is the finest and safest way to roam around these tourism hubs with comfort and ease. With the help of this guide, you can better understand the worth of this investment and the right criteria to avail of these services smoothly.