Emma Roberts Is Sharing Photos of Her Beautiful Son

For actress and Neutrogena spokeswoman Emma Roberts there isn’t anything better than being a mom. While her career continues to take off, she’s also spending plenty of time with her son Rhodes, who was born in December 2020. He’s growing fast, and Roberts is sharing pictures of him on her social media platforms from time to time. Unlike some celebrities, who keep their children away from the camera, she wants to experience life with her son and show their adventures to the world.

Great Adventures Mean Great Photos

Like many moms, Roberts is interested in her son’s milestones but also in the daily life experiences they have together. There are a lot of things to explore when you’re young, and parents often want to re-explore those things with their children because they see them in a different light that way. The beauty of how a child sees things, and the innocence they have when learning about life, are both worth adding to the memories and pictures that go with those experiences.

Because Roberts enjoys time with her son when she’s not on the set of a TV show or movie, she gets to photograph those candid moments that parents and their children experience. She co-parents her son with his father, Garrett Hedlund, who also sometimes appears in her photos on Instagram. Whether they’re spending time doing something new or just hanging out together, Roberts and her son look like they’re having a great time with life.

Balancing Work and Motherhood

Like anyone with the demands of a job in the public eye, Roberts has to balance the work she does with the time she gets with her son. Because he’s still young, though, he can easily travel with her wherever she needs to go. That means photo shoots, TV sets, movie premieres, and other experiences can all be something she can do alone or with her son, depending on the factors that have to be considered for that particular role or experience.

It’s not always easy to balance a young child and a career, but Roberts is eager to show that it’s possible to do both and enjoy both aspects of that life. She knows the value of taking good care of her son and helping him learn about the world, but she also wants to continue to grow her career and the roles she takes in the future. From the pictures she posts of her life with her son, it looks like she’s striking a great balance with the things that matter most to her.