Documents You’ll Need To Apply For An Eb5 Green Card

The EB5 Visa Program allows foreign investors to receive an EB5 green card by making a significant investment in the United States. The investor, their spouse, and unmarried children under the age of 21 can receive a green card through the program. To participate in the program, you must file various documents with the USCIS to prove your eligibility.

Documents Required During the Application Process

After selecting a project and providing the investment amount, you can fill out form I-526 or I-526E. These forms are petitions to receive an EB5 green card. The I-526 petition is for standalone investors, while the I-526E petition is for regional center investors. In either petition, you can expect to provide the following documentation:

Investment Documents

Investment documentation provides proof of investment and details about your project, including:

  • Proof of investment. The investment minimum is $1,050,000 unless the investor invests in a targeted employment area; then, the minimum becomes $800,000. This documentation can include an I-956F receipt, subscription documents, confirmation of funds memo, and more.
  • Details on the project. This can include its location, including proof that it is in a targeted employment area (if applicable). If you are an independent investor, you may need to provide a business plan. You can also provide information on how your investment can create or preserve ten full-time direct jobs.

Personal Documents

Both standalone investors and regional center investors should provide personal documents with their petitions. This documentation can include:

  • A copy of your personal passport and form I-94, which is required to enter the United States.
  • Copies of family member passports. Include all pages when making copies.
  • Copies of previous immigration applications (if applicable).
  • Copies of legal rulings, ongoing governmental civil or criminal cases, and private civil complaints filed against you in the past 15 years. This includes judgments made within or outside the U.S.

Financial Documents

The last set of documents that you should include in your application are financial documents. These documents can include:

  • Proof of business or asset ownership.
  • Copies of any business or professional licenses.
  • Bank statements from the last five years.
  • Tax returns from the last five years, both personal and business.
  • Financial statements for any businesses.
  • Proof of ownership for other sources of capital.
  • Proof that the investment funds were obtained legally. The funds can come from income, gifts, inheritance, and more.

Use Immigration Attorneys and Regional Centers

Filing an I-526 or I-526E petition requires many different types of documentation and proof. The requirements can also change depending on your circumstances. Failing to submit the correct documentation the first time can lead to extensive delays. To get your EB5 green card as quickly as possible, consider hiring an immigration attorney. They can file your application and make sure all relevant documents are included.

A regional center can also simplify the application process. Regional centers have processes in place that can make applications simpler and provide many of these documents on your behalf. When your conditional residency is about to expire, and it is time to file form I-829 to remove conditions on your green card, your regional center can provide proof that the project was legally established and that your investment was successful.

Have the Right Documents for an EB5 Green Card

Preparing a successful EB5 green card application requires thorough documentation and attention to detail. The USCIS requires these documents to make sure you are following their guidelines and to verify that you are eligible for the program. You may also be required to provide additional documentation depending on your circumstances. Working with an immigration attorney and investing in a regional center can make the process less stressful and complicated. They can make sure you are following the most current USCIS guidelines for the best chance of receiving a green card.