Do Laboratory-grown And Natural Diamonds Look Exactly The Same?

Laboratory-grown diamonds have been getting a lot of attention in recent times. Lab-grown diamonds, as you might suspect, are diamonds that are grown inside the consistent and dependable settings of laboratories. They differ from natural diamonds in that they were not mined naturally. It’s impossible to deny that lab-grown diamonds and natural ones have different origins. In spite of that, their chemical compositions are exactly the same. This makes some people ask whether telling them apart visually is possible. So, is it?

Rare Carat and Superb Choices in Both Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds

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Can People Tell Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds Apart?

The truth is that people cannot tell lab-grown and natural diamonds apart using their eyes alone. If you purchase a lab-grown diamond to save money or to prioritize ethics or sustainability, other people won’t be able to tell you did that by looking exclusively. The naked eye just isn’t sophisticated enough for that. How exactly would a person be able to tell apart lab-grown diamonds and natural ones, anyway? The sole option is actually to try a microscope, fascinatingly enough.

So, how can people detect any differences between natural and lab-made diamonds using microscopes? If you gaze at a normal and natural diamond using a microscope, you’ll pick up on the presence of a little bit of nitrogen. If you gaze at a lab-made diamond, on the other hand, this chemical element will be totally missing from view.

No, lab-grown and natural diamonds do not look different from normal human beings who are living typical daily lives. It’s critical to understand, though, that lab-made diamonds tend to have fewer imperfections than natural stones do. This isn’t that big a shocker. Since lab-grown diamonds were produced inside consistent and stable laboratory settings, they’re understandably a lot less vulnerable to the emergence of unsightly and conspicuous inclusions or flaws of all kinds. Although it’s totally possible for natural diamonds to have very few inclusions or imperfections, they usually command extremely steep price tags. Lab-made diamonds that are basically flawless tend to be a lot more affordable for members of the general public. If you ever notice a diamond that’s curiously gorgeous and devoid of flaws of all sorts, then it may just fall under the lab-grown umbrella.

Since lab-made diamonds are basically identical to natural ones in the visual sense, people can easily understand their rising popularity. Numerous other things help explain the rising popularity of these diamonds as well. As indicated before, lab-made diamonds are, in many cases, thought to be a lot more sustainable than natural stones. In many situations, it is thought to be a lot more ethical than natural stones, too. That’s because lab-made diamonds have nothing to do with problematic human rights violations. They have nothing to do with difficult and distressing situations that involve child labor, disturbing work settings, or anything else similar. If you want to buy a diamond engagement ring, investing in lab-grown diamonds may be the correct pathway for you. Lab-grown diamonds are ideal for people who admire aesthetics but who also do not want to promote any possibly unethical or unsustainable activities on this planet.