Comprehensive Reviews of Top 5 Dropshipping Wholesalers

An idea with a drive to execute and grow in a market like dropshipping requires more than drive and passion! A dropshipping store’s backbone is its drop-shipping wholesalers! Now imagine them being incompetent to deliver timely, with quality, trends, multiple sizes and styles.

Would that help you beat your competition and grow? Isn’t an excellent situation right? That’s why dropshipping requires more than passion. What’s that more? Trustworthy free dropshipping suppliers with the will to work towards securing your and their growth by providing the epitome of excellence in their services.

By having comprehensive reviews of the top 5 drop shipping wholesalers you can consider which one is capable of becoming your store’s backbone. So let’s directly delve into reviewing without further ado:

1.   Shewin Wholesale

Shewin is the finest brand for equipping your e-commerce store with a robust foundation along with a first-class apparel collection. Based in China Shewin is one of the excellent free dropshipping suppliers out there. From manufacturing to shipping all can be done by creating an efficient streamlined process with Shewin. Doing dropshipping with no money is absolutely possible with Shewin’s extensive perks:


  • High-quality apparel with an extensive collection of wholesale sweaters, tops, outwear and more.
  • Equipped with Shopiy’s API
  • Dedicated support
  • Affordable prices
  • Shipping to logistics all are managed by them


  • Apparel only for Women’s

2.   Boutique Tree

With casual outfits to some of the remarkable design ones, Boutique Tree is a dropshipping wholesaler. Boutique Tree has a dedicated dropshipping program providing women’s unreal to set up your e-commerce store. Standard-priced clothing with almost all sizes of clothes is available at drop shipping wholesaler Boutique Tree.


  • Rapid launches of new clothes
  • Straightforward Shipping options
  • Management of logistics is convenient
  • Return label service


  • Dropshipping with no money is not possible
  • Without a full package monthly subscription, many services are not given

3.   Printful

Printful is a free dropshipping supplier delivering its partners with a unique dropshipping program. Rather than you having to sell pre-made products from a supplier you can now customize your clothing through Printful’s designing tools. By connecting your store to Printful you can sell customised products and they will ship them in a matter of time.


  • Edge over competition with personalized clothing.
  • Only charges the making cost rest is profit.
  • You just have to do marketing while they print pack and ship.


  • Limited products and no phone support
  • Shipping costs are high

4.   Bloom Wholesales

Bloom Wholesale is a fashion-oriented dropshipping wholesaler willing to go the extra mile for its partners. Using their dropshipping program you can access stylish clothing with an elegant design and top-notch quality. With weekly fashion launches and a team dedicated to your success Bloom Wholesale is a great supplier you can consider selecting.


  • A wide array of apparel available with new launches
  • Marketing made simple with their marketing kit
  • Compatible with Shopify
  • Low prices with ease of setting up a store


  • Only women’s clothing is available
  • Full access to dropship services requires payment

5.   Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel is a dropshipping wholesaler situated in the US since 2005 and is a renowned supplier of high-quality clothing. With competitive prices and the latest fashion apparel, Tasha offers dropshipping services equipped with multiple perks.


  • Physical inventory is managed
  • Aappreal is available in a wide range
  • Shipping is done by them


  • Lengthy approval for registering with the drop ship program
  • Requires placing an order after a customer buys from you

Wrap Up

For you to have the par excellent drop shipping wholesalers providing top-tier dropship resources you will have to go through various suppliers offering dropshipping with no money. In the dropshipping industry, each offers different ways of dropshipping services. Therefore, it’s wise to research and choose by considering the comprehensive reviews of the suppliers.