Butterfly Haircut Ideas For A Head-Turning New Look

Also known as the inverted bob, the butterfly haircut makes waves for its beautiful layered shape. Shorter in the back and longer in the front, butterfly cuts creatively flip the script on conventional bobs. The versatile inverted style also allows for stunning interpretations.

From subtly inverted shapes to high-contrast butterflies with micro bangs, options abound for customizing your new ‘do. The key is finding inspiration that complements your hair texture, face shape, and style sensibilities. Read on for gorgeous butterfly haircut ideas to consider.

  • Go For Subtle Inversion

Are you not ready for high-contrast, severely stacked layers? Keep your butterfly cut softly inverted with slight graduation from top to bottom. Ask for face-framing sides, just collarbone length, and a cropped back grazing the nape.

This creates a tapered inverted effect while allowing a flattering fullness overall. Have your stylist point cut the back and sides for movement and lightness. Add side-swept bangs to finish the subtle butterfly.

The softly inverted shape eases the transition from traditional long hair. Style it sleekly smoothed or romantically tousled. This versatile butterfly look remains office-appropriate but still refreshed. 

  • Incorporate Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs complement butterfly haircuts flawlessly, framing the face with a soft texture. Ask for them cut to graze your cheekbones for maximum sweep lightly. Part them subtly off-center for asymmetrical interest.

The key is ensuring curtain bangs seamlessly blend with the face-framing layers. Keep them a touch longer than the shortest framing pieces to connect everything. Add light curls or waves for a sweetly romantic flair.

Curtain bangs balance the shorter cropped layers in the back for a pretty finished shape. Breezy fringe speaks to the movement and angles that define butterfly cuts. Wispy curtain bangs keep the look soft.

  • Go For Drama With A Stacked Contrast

Amp up your new haircut’s “wow factor” by going shorter in the back and longer in front. Ask for cropped neck-skimming layers in the back with chin or shoulder-grazing pieces framing the face.

This high-contrast look dramatically impacts wildly when styled slick and smoothed. Have your stylist razor the layers throughout for lightness, even with longer lengths. Add choppy micro fringe to up the edge.

The stacked style needs confidence to pull off. But perfectly layered and razored, the result is an artistic yet wearable modern cut. Style it fierce with a glossy shine and ample volume on top. 

  • Incorporate An Undercut

Add a trendy edge to your new butterfly haircut by incorporating an undercut disconnected from the longer top layers. Shave the nape undercutting shorter upper back pieces for stark contrast even from behind.

Blend the undercut into your preferred shorter back butterfly length. Keep the undercut portion subtly hidden or boldly exposed, depending on your vibe. Pair with choppy, razored layers for movement and texture.

  • Go Pixie Short In Back

If you’re down for an adventurous cropped cut, go full pixie short in the back with elongated front pieces. Ask for precision-cut layers on top hitting the collarbones and a nape-skimming pixie back.

This satisfies cravings for an edgy modern look while allowing feminine versatility from the front. Have your stylist razor shorter layers for airiness and soft texture. Play with parts and height.

The versatility lets you style it tousled romantic for evenings out or smoothed sleek for a day with volume at the roots. Get creative by embracing this mullet-inspired bold butterfly look.

  • Add A Pop Of Color

According to LoveHairstyles, after committing to a dramatic new butterfly cut, celebrate by adding a splash of color! Vibrant highlights focused on the longer face-framing sections make them pop even more.

Focus brightening color on the longer front pieces only to let them take center stage. Keep the back understated to avoid overwhelming rainbow overload. A pop of color showcases your new butterfly shape.

  • Choose Lived-In Textures

Instead of hyper-sleek precision, opt for an imperfect lived-in texture. Ask for the back and sides to be razored and texturized for an effortless feel. Allow the shorter layers to fall naturally instead of smoothing.

Let your stylist cut the inverted shape while your hair is dry for maximum texture. Air dry instead of blow drying for enhanced natural bend and wave. Scrunch in sea salt spray to finish for a beachy vibe.