Best Way To Help Your Kids With Math Homework – Parenting Guide

Math, a tricky and complex subject, makes students difficult in understanding math concepts. Kids experience a lot of difficulties in understanding math problems. Math is taught differently now, and kids need proper guidance and suggestions to solve math questions easily. Your child might face difficulties in solving math homework. But if you are concerned about how to help your child with math as you haven’t recently studied the subject. We have covered some effective tips for helping your child with math homework. 

Effective tips to help your kids with math homework 

Maintain a positive attitude.

Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial when it comes to mathematical concepts. It is common for both learners and adults to experience math anxiety when faced with math problems. However, like any other skill, math skills require practice and effort to master.

Encouraging this positive mindset is equally important for your child studying in middle school. Make your child understand that it is a step-by-step process that takes time and practice. With a growth mindset, you and your child can progress and acquire problem-solving skills. 

Effective communication

Your child can easily discuss video games but become more reserved regarding schoolwork questions. Initiating conversations about math or word problems whenever possible is beneficial to bridge this gap. Discuss how their math class is going and inquire if they have math anxiety.

If your child struggles to open up, consider reaching out to their math teacher to know the problem. Ask about the math concepts taught in class and for advice on how to help your 8-year-old kid learn math. With this information, you can help them build confidence in math. 

Understanding the math curriculum

Math homework can be tricky for a lot of children. And sometimes, parents also aren’t sure how to provide math help. As technology advances, several apps online help you understand the math curriculum.

If your child’s math homework appears confusing to you, take the opportunity to ask them to explain their problem-solving process. This allows you to connect with your child and prepares you to provide additional help in case they encounter difficulties in future lessons. 

Make math interesting for your child.

You can make math interesting by asking them questions besides their high school curriculum. Few math topics can be boring and can make your child struggle to get the right answers. Therefore, making your child focus on their genuine interest is essential, which can help in their math homework.

You can assist your child with homework help by finding ways to connect math concepts to what your child is already interested in. You can get easy math worksheets about the topics such as fractions your child is interested in. You can further ask questions about the topics and enhance their curiosity and enthusiasm for math.

Help with time management.

During the school year, students get a lot of homework. You can motivate your child to divide the workload into smaller sections and more achievable tasks. You can help them create worksheets scheduling different timings for different subjects.

Since math is a complex subject, you can give a substantial amount of time to understand the math concept. With the schedule, children can effectively tackle homework challenges within the time limit. You can also incorporate designated break times for their refreshment.

Don’t do the homework for them.

Your child is given math homework and is struggling to complete it. As a parent, you might be willing to do it for your child. But it isn’t the same. You must ensure that your child takes responsibility for doing the actual work.

You can offer suggestions and guidance to your child for their homework help. You need to have patience allowing them to deal with the challenges and get the right answer. You must resist the urge to provide them with immediate answers.

Interact with teachers

As you know, a parent-teacher meeting is conducted in elementary school and higher education to let you know your child’s performance. Regarding math, this will enhance your understanding of math homework expectations.

You can talk to your child’s teacher and establish effective communication. This will help you to know about your child’s progress in every subject, especially in math. Ask the math tutor about math instruction to help your child overcome the struggle in learning math and doing homework easily.

Be patient and take it slow.

Math is a tricky subject, which poses challenges for both learners and parents when encountering new concepts. In such a situation, it is essential to take a step back and slow down the learning process.

It is important not to rush into introducing new mathematical concepts until the previous ones are fully understood. This advice applies to caregivers and parents as well. You need to be patient when your child is learning math in a certain grade level which may be a lot different than yours. However, with time, your child can succeed.

Discuss math in your home.

You can implement math in your home in various aspects. Math education does not need to involve complex subjects like trigonometry or calculus. You can find different mathematical moments in your everyday life and share them with your kid.

You can start with simple math games like sorting or counting numbers. As they grow older, you can find math lessons in activities such as playing games or counting money. Math is particularly used when it comes to financing or budgeting. You can find these real-world math moments and help your kid encourage with learning math.


In recent times, many of you must have faced the pressure of managing the roles of parents and learners. If you and your child are struggling with math lessons, consider exploring the option of Juni Learning. It is an interactive learning platform designed to make math concepts engaging and enjoyable. It gives a positive experience for children during their classes. You and your child can make great progress in solving math homework easily.