Benefits of Partnering With a Cartridge Seal Service Provider

Most pump mechanical seal failures have caused process unit shutdowns. Understanding cartridge seal designs is essential. Working with cartridge seal service providers helps you set up a mechanism to monitor seal conditions, identify bad actor seal installations, and make your life easier.

What is a Cartridge Seal?

A cartridge seal is a mechanical seal with a wholly enclosed seal system. This seal type commonly comprises a gland, sleeve, rotating components, and other hardware that make pre-assembly possible. It improves reliability and prolongs the lifespan of your machinery.

In pre-assembled housing, the rotating components are on a shaft-mounted sleeve sealed with an O-ring. The cartridge seal housing typically replaces the gland cover plate and seals to the pump housing with a gasket, an O-ring, or other elastomers. Errors in parts installation are unlikely since cartridge mechanical seal components are pre-assembled onto the sleeve and into the cartridge housing.

Why Use a Cartridge Mechanical Seal?

Using cartridge seals has significant benefits for your pump seal system:

  1. A pre-assembled cartridge seal offers higher operational security using the correct spring compression or fixed axial settings. It eliminates measuring errors.
  2. It eliminates the possibility of axial misplacement and resulting seal performance issues.
  3. It prevents dirt entry or damage to the seal faces.
  4. It reduces assembly time and downtime during maintenance.
  5. It reduces the potential of pump disassembly for seal replacement.
  6. Cartridge units are easily repairable.
  7. It protects the customer shaft or shaft sleeve.
  8. It withstands high operating pressure and gives longer life with less leakage.

Why Partner with a Cartridge Seal Service Provider?

Cartridge Construction and Quality

Most pump mechanical seal vendors have greatly improved the dependability of their seals over the last 20 years. Designing a pump mechanical seal is challenging. The end users must inform the vendors of differences between the “Data Sheet” seal parameters and actual field operating values.

Cartridge seal service providers like Platinum Performance Products deliver the best quality to their customers. Made from 316SS with hard-faced surfaces (Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide) and Alfas Elastomers, their replacement Goulds and Durco Cartridge seals give you the max performance you require.

One of the most used seals in the USA with a great price beating the OEM, Platinum Performance Products cartridge seals save you money in your pocket. These seals are proudly made and assembled in the USA.

Hassle-free and Simple Installation

While cartridge seal units are designed for rapid installation and removal from pump shafts, cartridge seal service providers make them more comfortable. You don’t have to lift an inch of your finger.

Secure Assembly

The amount of spring tension applied to the seal faces is an integral factor that affects successful seal installation. Cartridge seal technicians can set this tension manually on component seals by adjusting the length of the installed seal spring. With cartridge mechanical seals, the spring tension is preset. To ensure the proper pressure, technicians align the retaining device with the rotating and stationary elements until after the seal is mounted.

Saves You from Expenses in the Long Run

Cartridge seals stop visible leaks and prevent pump shaft or sleeve damage. The seals have less weight around the faces, therefore less power consumption. Its self-adjusting inboard spring minimizes your need for regular maintenance as the faces wear. Overall, it benefits most industries that need fluid in a vessel with rotary equipment. It promotes less waste, requires less cleanup, and saves money.

Stress-free Maintenance

Cartridge seals offer significant maintenance advantages. Replacement is rapid, and there is far less risk of assembly error and assembly damage than conventional mechanical seal mounting. API 682 requires that cartridge seals be selected for typical pumps in petrochemical plants.

Repairs Cartridge Seal

Most cartridge service providers repair and rebuild most major brands at a fraction of the cost of a new seal. The Platinum Performance Products team can fix your cartridge seal and have you back up and running quickly.


Repairing a cartridge seal can save money and time over buying a new one. Part of the service is disassembling and inspecting the seals to assess any damage or abnormal wear. After inspection, technicians determine which parts must be replaced and which can be reused. After evaluation, a quote for the repair cost and approximate shipping days will be given.

Fast Service

If the mechanical seal is beyond repair, service providers supply new cartridge seals that are in stock and can ship the same day.

Some cartridge seal service providers offer same-day repair to get you back up and running without the hassle of a long lead time.

Guaranteed Safety

Partnering with professional service providers guarantees access to high-quality materials and secure installation, ensuring your machinery works safely. Ensure that all products and repairs go through rigorous quality control. Cartridge seals from certified companies have been tried and tested for the customer’s absolute safety.