AirPods Troubleshooter: 5 Common Problems and Their Solutions

AirPods are popular wireless earbuds loved by music enthusiasts, podcast listeners, and frequent callers. However, like any electronic device, they can experience issues from time to time. In this AirPods troubleshooter guide, we will explore five common problems and provide easy-to-follow solutions to help you get the most out of your AirPods.

No Sound is Coming from AirPods

Problem: You put on your AirPods, but there’s no sound. If you’re wondering, “why my right AirPod is not working,” don’t fret; there are simple steps to troubleshoot this issue.


Check Audio Source and AirPods Connectivity

Ensure your device’s volume is turned up and your AirPods are connected via Bluetooth. Confirm the pairing in your device’s Bluetooth settings.

Clean Your AirPods

Sometimes, sound issues occur due to debris or earwax buildup on the speakers or meshes. Gently clean your AirPods using a soft, lint-free cloth.

Reset Your AirPods

Try resetting your AirPods by putting them in their case and hitting the setup button until the status light lights amber if the issue persists.

Short Battery Life

The issue is that your AirPods appear to run out of battery very rapidly.


Examine the Battery Health

If you’ve owned your AirPods for a long, the battery health may have deteriorated. Check the battery status in your device’s Bluetooth settings.

Optimise Charging Habits

Avoid overcharging or leaving your AirPods uncharged for too long. Extreme temperatures can also have an effect on battery performance.

Unnecessary features such as “Hey Siri” and automated ear detection use even more battery. If necessary, disable them.

Poor Audio Quality

Your AirPods’ audio quality is poor, which is a problem.


Check Bluetooth Connection

Ensure your audio source functions correctly and your AirPods have a strong Bluetooth connection. Check the Audio Source and Connectivity.

Change Sound Settings

To improve audio quality, adjust your device’s equalizer or audio settings.

Software Update

Update your device’s firmware and software to get the most performance out of your AirPods.

AirPods Disconnecting Randomly

Your AirPods continually lose connection with your device, which is the problem.


Check for Bluetooth Interference

To prevent interference, stay away from areas where a lot of Bluetooth devices are being used.

Reset Network Settings

Reset your device’s network settings to fix connectivity issues.

Update Device

Update your device’s software and firmware to get the optimum Bluetooth connectivity from your AirPods and other Bluetooth devices.

AirPods Case Not Charging

A vital part of the AirPods setup, the charging case might prevent your wireless earbuds from working correctly if it doesn’t charge properly. Here are some steps to resolve this problem:

Check the Charging Cord and Adapter for AirPods Case

Before concluding that there is a problem with your AirPods case, make sure the charging cord and adapter are in good working order. To make sure they are functioning as intended, use them to charge another device.

Clean the Charging Port

Debris or dirt may collect in the AirPods case’s charging port, impeding a secure connection. Examine the port with care, then use compressed air or a soft, dry brush to clean it.

Reset the Charging Case

Try resetting the case if it still won’t charge. When the status light starts to flash amber, open the case and press and hold the setup button on the rear. To re-establish the connection, close the case and then open it again close to your paired device.

Here is an additional Airpod problem and steps to resolve them:

AirPods Volume Too Low

Even with the volume cranked all the way up, you can notice that your AirPods’ volume is strangely low. If so, take the following actions:

Verify the device’s volume settings

Make sure the volume is low by double-checking your connected device’s settings. Additionally, make sure the audio balance is not off to one side, which would affect the volume.

Clean the Speaker Mesh

Over time, the AirPods’ speaker mesh may accumulate dust or other debris, compromising sound quality. To restore crystal-clear audio, carefully clean the mesh with a soft brush or a dry toothbrush.

Adjust Sound Balance

It may occasionally be necessary to adjust the sound balance between the left and right AirPods. Change the sound balance in this instance. By changing the sound balance in your device’s accessibility settings, this problem can be resolved.


AirPods are fantastic wireless earbuds that bring joy to music enthusiasts, podcast lovers, and frequent callers. However, as with any electronic device, they may encounter common problems that can disrupt your experience. Fear not, for this AirPods troubleshooter guide has provided easy-to-follow solutions to five of the most frequent issues users face.

We’ve covered everything from resolving sound-related problems, battery life issues, and audio quality glitches to tackling charging difficulties and random disconnections. Whether it’s wondering why the right AirPod is not working or experiencing low volume or disconnections, you now know to troubleshoot and fix these problems.

By following our troubleshooting tips, you can keep your AirPods in top-notch condition and enjoy uninterrupted audio experiences. So, keep your AirPods clean, charge them wisely, and stay updated with the latest firmware and software. With this information, you can improve the performance of your AirPods and experience the flexibility of wireless audio technology.