5 Attraction Ideas For Girls’ Night Out In New York City

You and your friends have just arrived in New York City, and you know you only have a few days to enjoy all the Big Apple has to offer. You know you want to enjoy the food, the nightlife, and you want to sneak in a little culture and entertainment on the side. Here are five basic attractions that make for a great girl’s night.

1. Enjoy dinner at a Trendy Restaurant

There are 23,650 restaurants in New York, and quite a few are on the brink of failure. There is a lot of competition among these restaurants. They hire the best chefs and come up with a design theme that will entice people into walking in the door, taking pictures of the place, and posting those photos on social media.

There are a few restaurants with decor and a menu just perfect for a girl’s night.

Taru New York

30 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019

Sushi is the perfect girl’s night food. Not only is it delicious, but each piece is like a work of art, and there are so many different flavors to try.

Taru takes the art of presentation seriously. It offers delicious and beautiful meals in a tastefully understated space. You will have many craft cocktails to choose from, and they contain only top-shelf liquors. The Prix Fixe menu offers a five-course meal sure to provide fuel for a night on the town.

Bad Roman

10 Columbus Cir

New York, NY 10019

This Italian restaurant is conveniently located in the Shops at Columbus Circle, making it the perfect place to go after a day of shopping.

The tiled walls and plush red seats of Bad Roman will make you feel as though you are dining in the VIlla of a hip Roman consul.  The menu created by Executive Freddy Vargas puts an innovative twist on a menu of traditional Italian fare. You may enjoy gnocchi with caviar, a side of Eggplant Agrodolce, with a tiramisu ice cream cake for dessert.


412 Greenwich Street

New York, NY 10013

Gotham is a melting pot, and this restaurant has an unusual combination of Japanese and French food melting in its pot. Located in the swank Tribecca neighborhood, this small restaurant occupies a building on a cobblestone corner. Chef Mitsunobu Nagae has worked in legendary restaurants all over the world.

You can order from the chef’s tasting menu or a discovery menu. The place is known for its desserts, such as black truffle ice cream or an artisanal cheese plate.

2. Get Intellectually Stimulated

Some of the greatest minds in the world call New York home. The city is known for its world-class art and literature scene. It is a place where you can start the day reading the New York Times and end it with an author speaking at a bookstore that stays open late into the night.

You can take a walk through one of New York’s many art-centric neighborhoods, such as Greenwich Village, SoHo, or Tribecca, where you will find small theaters featuring plays by up-and-coming artists. You may be able to find a one-woman show or feminist poetry reading perfect for a female-centered evening.

3. Have Your Private Movie Night

There are many independent movie theaters in town where you can enjoy an international film or an arthouse feature that you would not be able to see anywhere else. If you and your friends have a certain genre of film that you all love, some independent theaters will even let you rent out a screening room to have your very own film festival. All you have to do is call to get an estimate.

4. An Evening Cruise

New York offers many evening boat rides. You can see the city all light up as you drift around the island of Manhattan with a cocktail in your hand. You will see the Statue of Liberty and other landmarks.

Some cruises offer a simple tour, while others have specific themes. Event Cruises NYC offers a sunset cruise with complimentary champagne as well as several dinner cruises.

New York is a city filled with entertainers. You and your crew can take a murder mystery cruise and try to decide “who did it” while enjoying fancy food and lovely scenery. There are cruises on which you will be entertained by some of Broadway’s aspiring stars.

5. Go to Time Square

There is nothing quite like an evening spent in Time Square. Enormous billboards advertise everything from the latest musicals to the latest hair spray. You can stand on the sidewalk and watch the news on a giant television.

Quite a few tour buses leave right from Time Square. Take a ghost tour where you will learn about all the people who have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the square. You might want to bring a ghost hunting equipment for possible paranormal activities during night time in Times Square.

THE RIDE is considered one of New York’s most unique tours. Two comedians take you on a tour of the city, where street performers will do skits just outside the bus at all the various points of interest.

There are a lot of chain restaurants in Time Square, but they are not like their counterparts in other cities. The Hard Rock Cafe is more like a museum of rock history than a restaurant.

You will find food from all over the world here. If you are looking for Cuban fare, Time Square is the best place to get it.

Broadway runs into Time Square, and you will find many fabulous shows to see. Wicked, the play that tells the story of the Wizard of Oz from the Witch’s perspective, is always a good selection for girl’s night, as is the classic Funny Girl, which is about the legendary comedian Fanny Brice. The play Kimberly Akimbo, about a woman with a rare disease that makes her age rapidly, is a new play that will prompt some interesting discussions on a girl’s night out.

Being together and having fun is the most important thing about a girl’s night. If you plan, you will avoid conflict and enjoy yourself.