3 Ways to Know if Your Partner Still Loves Their Ex


Navigating relationships can be a complex and emotional experience, especially when it comes to dealing with past romantic connections. It’s natural to wonder how a current partner feels about their ex, and it’s essential to determine whether they still harbor feelings for them. Here are three ways to know if your partner still loves their ex.

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1. They Often Talk About Their Ex

If you find that your partner frequently brings up their ex in conversations, this could signal unresolved feelings. When someone truly moves on from a previous relationship, they tend not to mention the person much. If your partner discusses their past relationship with nostalgia or constantly compares you with their ex, this may indicate that they have not entirely moved on.

2. They Keep Mementos from Their Past Relationship

Another sign that your partner may still love their ex is if they hold onto physical objects from when they were together. These might include gifts, photographs, or sentimental items that reminded them of their time together as a couple. Though some people may keep these items for purely sentimental reasons or out of habit, it’s crucial to observe whether there is an emotional attachment to them.

3. They Follow Their Ex on Social Media Platforms

In today’s hyperconnected world, social media plays a significant role in our lives and relationships. If your partner is still following their ex on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and likes or comments on their posts regularly, it might hint at unresolved emotions. While this might not necessarily mean that they are in love with their ex, it does reveal that they are interested in keeping tabs on them and still feel some level of attachment.


It’s important not to jump to conclusions based on these observations alone, as each person’s situation might differ. However, these three signs can serve as indicators of possible lingering feelings for an ex-partner. Always consider discussing any concerns with your partner openly and honestly, as communication is at the heart of every successful relationship. Knowing where you both stand will ultimately strengthen the bond between the two of you and help you both navigate and maintain a healthy, loving connection.