Who is Sidney Starr? She is a transgender rapper rumored to be dating Darius McCrary

Sidney Starr recently hit the headlines for claiming to be dating actor Darius McCrary. The transgender rapper followed up her announcement with mixed signals about Darius’ role in her life. She’s referred to him as a friend, but the relationship rumors refuse to go away. 

Starr first gained internet fame following her rumored relationship with rapper Chingy. Sidney sparked the rumors by alleging that she was dating Chingy. Starr later stated that she’d lied about the relationship and regretted her actions. The stunt gave her the fame she craved, but she did little to remain relevant. 

Is this another attempt at fame, or is this rumor true? Let’s find out who Sidney Starr is.

Sidney Starr was born on 5th February 1989 in Chicago, Illinois. Doctors assigned Starr the male gender at birth, but by age 5, Starr felt like a girl. 

She started her transformation after high school by getting breast implants and a butt lift. She also underwent liposuction to slim her waist. Starr posted a photo showing her post-surgery body and attached the following caption:

“Today was the day when I was two weeks out of surgery… my second pair of breast implants and liposuction front stomach and back. I was miserable and depressed. But my doctor took great care of me! Moral of the story, I’m a strong girl!”

Starr told DJ Vlad that she underwent her sex change aged 23. 

Sidney appeared on season 9 of Love & Hip Hop: New York, ready to be the next big thing to come out of that show. She became a fan favorite and looked destined to get her rap career off the ground. She wrote of her desire to become the ‘transgender Cardi B.’ 

In one episode, she talked about how being transgender had affected her music career. “As a trans woman trying to make it in the hip-hop game, I’ve been turned down so many times. I really need this to work out.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well as she’d hoped. Her music career is yet to take off, and reality television doesn’t have a place for her. A spokesperson for Darius McCrary claims that Sidney lied about her involvement with Darius to get a route back into reality television:

“McCrary has kept an amicable friendship with Starr, who has been persistent with creating fake storylines and relationships with our client in a sad attempt to get back on Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

Darius McCrary and Sidney Starr participated in a photoshoot. None disputes that fact. The dispute arises from Starr’s claim that the pair are dating. 

“Who says Eddie Winslow don’t have good taste in women like myself!” Starr tweeted. McCrary played Eddie Winslow in the sitcom Family Matters. A video then emerged showing Sidney and Darius kissing before Sidney grinds on him. 

Darius responded by denying that he is dating Starr. In a video showing Darius having lunch with his ‘TV mom’ Jo Marie Payton, Darius urged people to ignore the rumors:

“I will say this, what are we in high school? You gonna tell me who I can be friends with, who I can’t hang out with? I am a grown man, I’m really five years away from 50 so if I wasn’t with my man I would really be saying this a whole other way. Stop running with these rumors.”

“And I think that my fiancée would really have something different to say,” Darius added. McCrary is dating Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, and it’s unclear whether they are engaged. 

Sidney seems to have changed her message following Darius’ denial of a relationship. In a recent Instagram post, she posted the following statement: “He’s still my friend. Powerful @dariusmccrary. #transisbeautiful, let’s leave it at that.”

Sidney Starr and Chingy met at one of his shows in Chicago. Chingy thought she was just a backup dancer wanting a photo with him, so he agreed to take the picture with her.

Starr would later use the photos as evidence of her fake relationship with Chingy. It took two years for Sidney to come clean and say that she manufactured the relationship. In a video posted on Worldstar HipHop, Sidney claimed that she did it for clout:

“Being transgendered is hard, and I thought what I was doing would give me a little notoriety; people paid attention to me. It was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. Every time I think about it, it just makes me want to go back through the hands of time. I was just stupid, and I’m sorry. 

Chingy told DJ Vlad that he didn’t understand what was going on when rumors erupted, claiming that he was dating a transgender girl. He lamented that most people ran with the story without stopping to confirm the facts. Chingy added that the rumor affected his career:

“Not one piece – a clue, nothing. They had nothing. They just had this person’s lie. It actually, it injured my career a little bit. I watched it happen. I lost a deal cause of that. It was said to me. Cause it was so much bad publicity around it. I’ve never been through a sabotage situation like that.”

Sidney also talked to DJ Vlad and expressed remorse over her actions. She doubted Chingy’s assertion that he lost a deal because of her but affirmed that she was sorry. Starr said:

“I don’t agree with it being because of me. I will admit if it was [because of me] I’m sorry and if I could walk into Chingy’s face right now, I would let him know, ‘Look bro, I am so sorry that this happened.’”

Sidney’s past lies have made fans skeptical about accepting the rumors that she’s dating Darius McCrary.