Who is David Muir dating? The secretive anchor is rumored to be gay

You have to be really good-looking to appear alongside Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba on People’s list of Sexiest Men Alive. Well, David Muir’s good looks earned him that honor in 2014. Muir is among the world’s most famous journalists, with his national and international coverage earning him several Edward R. Murrow and Emmy Awards. 

Muir is living his sixth-grade dream as a journalist and anchor for ABC News. His massive fan base constantly inquires about his personal life, but David rarely reveals anything about his private life.

David Muir is one of the most eligible bachelors around. Read on to find out more about his dating life. 

Due to his secrecy, rumors have emerged claiming that Muir is gay. 

In 2014 and 2015, he was linked to ABC colleague Gio Benetiz. The pair spent plenty of time together, and per a post by New Now Next, Gio only appeared in the studio when Muir filled in as anchor. 

“Eagle-eyed viewers claim that Gio usually files his reports for Diane Sawyer from the field,” the 2014 article reads. “But when Muir fills in as anchor, Benitez miraculously appears in the studio. Coincidence?

At the time, Benitez hadn’t come out publicly as gay. If the pair had a relationship, it ended before Gio started dating Tommy DiDario. 

Tommy and Gio got engaged in September 2015 and married in April 2016. 

We suspect that the rumors claiming David Muir is gay are false. He’s not been in any public relationship, but that’s no basis for concluding that he is gay. 

If he turns out that he is gay, he’ll join Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and others as journalism A-listers who’ve come out as gay. 

Shortly after Gio Benitez shut down rumors that he was dating Muir, Kate Dries posted an article on Jezebel titled Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a ‘Monster.’ Dries wrote that she and David connected right from the start. The article reads:

“David and I connected right from the start. ‘I thought Peter Jennings was the James Bond of evening news,’ he told me on our first date. I tried to remain calm because (little did he know) Peter was my first love and I didn’t want to make David feel uncomfortable. But Peter would quickly be pushed far from my mind during my courtship with David. I mean, will you look at this man?”

Dries’ article is a fascinating read, but we doubt that it has any basis in real life.