What to Know About Loose Leaf Tea From a Tea Shop Online 

If you’re an experienced tea drinker, then you’ll know all about how to find the best loose-leaf tea and consume it, however, that’s acquired knowledge, so we’re here to help with that. Take a look at a tea shop online or two, and you’ll find many great blends available, and they’re all typically made the same way, so this is guidance that will help you with most types of tea. 

The good news is that when you prepare loose-leaf tea in the right way (the traditional way), then the taste benefits are simply ‘off the scale’. So, let’s start by looking at how loose-leaf products compare to the tea bags that have become so popular across the globe.

Explaining Loose Leaf Tea Products From a Tea Shop Online

Most often, you’ll find that the tea leaves found in tea bags and standard loose-leaf tea blends are essentially the same. The primary difference between tea bags and the loose-leaf tea you’ll get from a tea shop online is how the product is processed and ultimately packaged. 

When regular tea bags are ‘bagged’, the leaves they put inside are chopped up into fine pieces before processing. The chopped leaves can also include leaf dust and ‘fannings’ of leaves, however, this does come at a cost. This harsh processing can rob the leaves of much of their flavor – which is far from ideal.

On the other hand, loose-leaf varieties are not chopped. Rather, the whole leaves are left intact to dry after being harvested. This gentle approach helps the leaves to retain not just their full, potent flavor but also their nutritional value. 

Some Great Loose Leaf Products to Get You Started

One of the great things about loose-leaf teas is that they’re abundantly available online – so there are lots out there to get into. As a novice, you might need help figuring out where to start, so here are a few pointers on which types of loose-leaf products to go for.

Blue Flower Earl Grey – first up, we have Blue Flower Early Grey, and it’s a very popular option with tea lovers right across the country. Made with Nilgiri black leaves combined beautifully with blue mallow blossoms and bergamot oil, it’s a loose-leaf blend that will delight your palette.

English Breakfast Tea – the good news is that with this tea, you neither have to be English nor have it at breakfast time, as this full-bodied product can be enjoyed whenever. Blending the taste of China, Ceylon and Assam tea, it offers the perfect way to start your day.

Rooibos Bourbon – last but by no means least, we have rooibos bourbon loose-leaf tea that heralds from South Africa. Providing an uplifting effect that doesn’t overwhelm you while comforting your inner self. This sweet blend is a great pep for whenever you need a lift. 

You’ll Find a Multitude of Options at a Tea Shop Online 

What can’t be denied is the fact that there are hundreds of loose-leaf blends on the market for you to try, and when you browse online, it’s pretty clear. You shouldn’t be put off by the fact that loose-leaf teas need to be strained, as it’s a very small adjustment to make. Sure, it might take 10 seconds more to make a cup, but that’s all. 

So, if your regular cup of joe isn’t doing it for you anymore, why not try some loose-leaf tea for size? It might just change the way you look at the beverage.