What to Consider When Buying Pool Tiles

In the contemporary world, swimming pools have become much more than a place of respite. They are the real stars in elevating an outdoor space. But to build one that’s durable, safe, and stylish, a lot goes into planning and tile selection. 

Ready to install a new backyard oasis or revamp an old one? Not sure where to start? We explore key factors worth considering when buying pool tiles. From refined stone to dazzling glass mosaic tile, upping your style game can lead to breathtaking outdoor envy.

  • Consider Which Part to Tile

Tiles add style, depth, and character. They can be used to coat the interior surface of the pool and its surrounds. Four ways to introduce tile include: 

Waterline tile. This 6-inch tiled band provides a functional and stylish finishing touch. It prevents a washed-out look between the water and coping and looks gorgeous doing it. Here you can match or contrast tile to the rest of your pool’s vibe.

Inlaid tile. These are tiles coating the pool’s interior: seats, steps, floors, and walls. Mosaic tile works wonderfully to add visual splendor. Find options in iridescent, matte, or textured finishes—and pretty color combinations for a captivating showcase. 

Coping tile. Provide a neat edge around the pool with coping tiles. Ensure tiles have a textured non-slip surface that’s fadeproof. There’s a range of materials to choose from; natural stone, porcelain pavers, as well as mosaic tile to match or contrast your pool interior.

Deck tile. An enjoyable poolside experience is a result of stylish, durable, and slip-proof deck tiles. Wood, stone, and concrete porcelain looks are beautiful choices that can transcend to the rest of your garden.

  • Consider Tile Costs and Your Budget

Having an idea of the amount you’re looking to spend narrows down the options and eases design-making. If designing a large pool, picking pocket-friendly ceramic pool tiles might be a sound option. Glass, stone, and porcelain pool accents can be slightly more expensive, but their outstanding qualities are worth every penny. To break it down, expect to spend;

    • $2 to $30 per square foot for porcelain pool tiles
    • $5 to $30 per square foot for natural stone pool tiles
    • $7 to $50 per square foot for glass pool tiles
  • Consider Functionality and Safety

Sure, a style-worthy pool is essential, but never compromise on safety. A non-slip surface with excellent traction, even when wet, can prevent slips and falls. With a secure environment, your family can enjoy a private oasis with safe and confident steps.

  • Consider Material Quality and Durability

To ensure optimal results, a pool should be laid with tiles that possess the resilience needed to adapt to a wet environment. You have several options to choose from—porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass tile. 

These materials provide anti-allergen, low care, and slip-proof properties. Dainty mosaic pieces are mounted on mesh sheets for easy and quick DIY installation. Excellent quality and durable material translate into a long-lasting investment. 

Porcelain pool tile. The beauty of porcelain is found in its ability to emulate natural finishes: concrete, stone, and wood. If you’re after an authentic look without the cost or upkeep, this stunning tile is your best bet for pool surrounds. But porcelain’s praises go far beyond beauty. It can handle all temperatures and resist impact, scratches, stains, and fading.

Glass pool tile. The iridescent quality of glass tile evokes a luxurious aura. Glass is completely non-porous and has a smooth finish that feels gentler on the feet. When it comes to colors and shapes, you’re spoilt for choices. These translucent beauties reflect light, creating a mesmerizing underwater spectacle. 

Stone pool tile. Nothing says “outdoor spa” quite like natural stone! Favored for an earthy look, stones like marble, have the strength and beauty for an enduring pool design. 

  • Consider Tile Style and Outdoor Aesthetics

Pool tiles open a realm of creative possibilities with unrivaled style choices. From pristine white to aquatic blues and greens to eccentric red, purple, pink, and many more! Geometric shapes include square, penny-round, hexagon, and multishaped. Glass mosaics go the extra mile to allow for custom murals that become the pool’s focal point.