Wayne Duplock’s death — His illnesses detailed

Fans of Channel 5’s Big Brits Go large recently saw Wayne Duplock detail his struggles with Fibromyalgia. Duplock’s fame came from his social media exploits, which involved posting funny videos on TikTok, some of which involved his family. It was always a fun time on Duplock’s page, though the Channel 5 documentary showed that he experienced many trials. 

Wayne Duplock passed away in November 2021, much to the despair of his adoring internet fans. Tributes flooded the internet following the announcement, with many praising Duplock’s ability to draw laughs, even at the worst of times. 

Wayne Duplock was hospitalized in early November 2021 after contracting Covid. Duplock documented his hospital stay on social media and appeared to be getting better. 

“Day 20 and still in hospital. But moving to another room tonight so a change of scenery will be good,” Duplock captioned his last Instagram post

Duplock passed away on 24th November 2021; his mom and partner announced the passing two days later. Wayne reportedly passed away due to Covid complications worsened by pneumonia. 

His partner Paula said via TikTok: “Hi, it’s taken us a long time to do this video, but from myself and from Wayne’s mum, we want to inform you that Big Chubby has passed away. It’s still very emotional for all of us at the moment and we want privacy and respect at this moment while we all grieve.”

Duplock’s mother thanked fans for sticking by Wayne despite not knowing the truth about his condition. She said:

“You never knew the truth. Wayne was struggling, Wayne was in pain. He loved you all because you made him happy for those last few weeks and months of his life. Please respect my son now and let him rest in peace.”

During his appearance on Big Brits Go Large, Wayne Duplock said that his Fibromyalgia diagnosis changed his life. The condition causes widespread pain all over the body. 

By then, he had two children with his wife, Paula. The diagnosis forced Duplock into isolation, he said. Wayne explained:

“I got nervous and panicky and on edge. I used to be so confident but as I got bigger I thought, ‘I’m not going to talk to them, I have got a bit big, I’m embarrassed. It has gradually built up so I don’t want to see anyone.”

Paula helped by purchasing a mobility scooter for Duplock. She also bought gift hands the pair handed people they met on their route; she wanted Wayne to meet people in real life rather than online. 

Paula’s plan led to a wholesome experience between Wayne and an elderly man he met sitting alone on a park bench. The man helped Duplock place things into perspective. He explained:

“If I hadn’t have left the house, he would have just been sat there on his own with no one to talk to. I enjoyed it. Going out and seeing them people, it made me so happy inside.”