Unlocking Organic Growth: How To Get Free YouTube Views For Your Videos?

Organic growth on YouTube is entirely dependent on the YouTube Algorithm. There are a lot of factors that decide whether your videos will get free YouTube views. For example, the content must be relatable and trending, the CTA should be exciting for the viewers to watch the video, etc.

Remember that every other individual aspires to be a creator, given that everyone uses smartphones and the internet. The idea that starting a YouTube channel is simple is popular. But that is an utterly false assumption. Being a YouTuber is difficult, and making a living out of it is pretty challenging. Making videos, sharing them, and maintaining enthusiasm for the channel all take time and effort.

Through the help of this guide, we will help you unlock your YouTube video’s potential to receive free YouTube views to rank on the SERP.

How To Promote On YouTube And Get More Views?

If you are wondering how to get more views on YouTube for free, you are in the right place. Use these suggestions to increase your channel’s popularity. This guide will show you how to improve your channel’s subscriber base by making your videos more engaging.

You must understand the YouTube basics, focusing on keywords, meta descriptions, video tags, thumbnails, etc. You should concentrate on these first few things to build a brand on the platform, as YouTube is very competitive. YouTube Algorithm will positively respond to your channel if the audience organically relates to your videos.

1.   Pick A Niche

It is essential to do your homework well before uploading videos. There are many YouTube creators out there. So, you must pick a niche to stand out from the sea of amazing creators. It can benefit your channel in the long run because the audience will associate you with a particular niche.

For example, if you concentrate on making cooking videos, other like-minded creators or viewers who are amateurs in the kitchen can refer to your videos. Make videos on topics you’re genuinely interested in. This will make it worthwhile to post videos every day.

2.   Make Conversational Videos

One of the best ways to promote on YouTube is by uploading conversational videos. Yes, make longer videos as it increases the chances of getting more views. Generally, viewers love watching their favorite videos during lunch or dinner time. So, as the watch time increases, it will boost your popularity on the SERP because the YouTube Algorithm can recommend your channel to more viewers. For example, you do a Get Ready With Me (GRWM) video but make it conversational about mental health, motherhood, struggling days, etc.

3.   Focus On Daily Vlogs

How to get free YouTube views even after picking a niche and consistently uploading videos. If that is the question bothering you, then the simple answer to this is uploading daily vlogs. It is a favorite among the audience and one of the things that your audience might be intrigued to watch on your channel. Through these videos, you can share many things about yourself: a glimpse of your life, behind the scenes, exciting news about product launches, etc.

4.   Dig Deeper Into YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is your goldmine for free YouTube views. It provides A-Z information about your videos, target audience, watch time, demographics, etc. Analytics certainly shows you numbers, but it is more than that. Utilize those insights to your advantage and unlock the potential to grow your channel organically.

Based on the insights, you can work on the strategy and upload videos according to what works best for your channel.

5.   Contest & Giveaways

Hosting giveaways is a great way to promote on YouTube that will increase your visibility and subscriber count on the platform. You can organize contests and giveaways at the end of the videos to boost the channel’s viewership. Another great perk of hosting giveaways is that it allows you to build organic relationships with your audience and get to know them better.


These tips are realistic and sustainable. You may use these tips to get free views on YouTube. In addition, employ scheduling tools to manage the content schedule and promote on YouTube, which is especially important if you want to keep track of your channel across several platforms for cross-promotion.

A YouTube marketing services platform, such as VeeFly, can help you increase your video views if you find the process too time-consuming or confusing.