Understanding the Benefits of Having A Live in Nanny For Your Family

Living with a nanny is a great way to give parents peace of mind. Depending on the family’s needs, they can be flexible and work early or late,.

They get to know your children better and become a part of the family. However, discussing professional boundaries with the family before they move in is essential.

You’ll Have More Time for Yourself

Juggling a full-time job, school-aged children, and a home life can be challenging. A live-in nanny may be the perfect solution for those with erratic work schedules, frequent night shifts, or need to travel. Moreover, families seeking live in nannies for hire often prioritize finding dedicated caregivers to provide personalized childcare and support within the household.

A live-in nanny’s primary responsibilities are to provide quality care for the children and household. They prepare meals, clean up after the kids and their activities, and do laundry. The parents and nanny should be clear on behavior expectations from the beginning, including what is acceptable in the home. This should include how often they will have guests, whether smoking is allowed or not, and if overnight visitors are welcomed.

A live-in nanny typically has private living quarters separate from the family’s residence. They will usually have a bedroom with a bathroom. The family should ensure this space is large enough for the nanny to have privacy during off-hours.

Because the nanny lives with the family, it can be easy for the lines to blur between their working hours and the rest of the time. However, if the family carefully sets expectations for their live-in nanny and maintains appropriate boundaries, this can be an incredible solution to help manage family stress. It can also free up a lot of time for the parents.

You’ll Have More Time for Your Relationships

Many families have a hard time finding time for their friends and family. The day-to-day responsibilities of caring for children can be overwhelming, and many parents don’t have any time left over for themselves or their loved ones. When you have a live-in nanny, you can free up your schedule to spend more time with the people in your life.

A live-in nanny can be more flexible with the family’s schedule than a live-out nanny, especially for families that work non-traditional hours or travel frequently (like doctors or surgeons on call). While paying a live-in nanny will cost a bit more, it can be a good solution for parents with unpredictable or demanding work schedules.

Another benefit of having a live-in nanny is that they can help you develop a deeper relationship with your children. If you take the time to find a trustworthy and dependable live-in nanny, they will become an essential part of your family and may even be like a second mother or father to your kids.

Some families might worry that a live-in nanny will disrupt their privacy by living in their home. Still, this shouldn’t be an issue if you carefully ensure the nanny has her own space and establish clear boundaries and expectations. For example, some families show that the nanny can only dine with them at their invitation, which helps to ensure that they will have enough time to spend with their friends and family.

You’ll Have More Time for Your Career

A live-in nanny’s job is unlike any other as she works, lives, and sleeps under the same roof as her family. This may make her more dedicated to the job, but it also means she does not have the same flexibility on and off hours as other nannies. If she is required to stay on for extra duties or overtime, this must be addressed during the interview process.

If you work late, travel a lot for your career, or have an unpredictable schedule, a live-in nanny can help you maintain consistency in the children’s routines and keep things running smoothly even when you are gone. This type of nanny may cost more than other nannies per hour because she must cover her expenses, but the benefits can be well worth it in many cases.

Additionally, when you are working with a live-in nanny on an ongoing basis, you will get to know her better. You will know her personality, quirks, and work ethic well. This makes leaving her alone with your children easier as you feel more comfortable with her. As a bonus, she may become a family member to the kids as she is often around them more than you are. Some parents find their nanny to be a lifelong friend.

You’ll Have More Time for Your Health

A live-in nanny can alleviate a lot of stress from parents. They help care for children and other household chores, such as cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping. This gives the parent a chance to relax and enjoy their free time. They also know the nanny more personally and can trust them with their home and family.

In addition, a live-in nanny can be more flexible with her hours. This can come in handy if the parent has to be at work early or late, needs to travel for their job, or even if they have non-traditional schedules (like on-call surgeons).

The nanny and the family must discuss what professional boundaries must be established and set up from the beginning. This way, there are no surprises down the road regarding privacy and other areas of concern. This is usually done before the nanny moves in and gives both parties peace of mind with the arrangement.