The Importance Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal justice system consists of several roles and different offices. It’s safe to say the top three roles are the judge, the prosecuting attorney, and the defense attorney.

The role of the defense attorney is so important that even when the defendant cannot afford one, the court takes it upon itself to appoint one on their behalf. When appointed or hired, this attorney takes charge of the process and does a commendable job of challenging the defendant’s charges.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, your best option would be to consult a criminal defense attorney. It’s not always safe to count on the often-overworked public attorney that the court hires for you. You need someone who’s utterly devoted to your case and has your best interests at heart. A personal attorney is what you need.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Here are a few ways hiring a defense attorney can be beneficial to your case:

Getting off the hook

The principle of “innocent until proven guilty” has helped so many individuals escape jail time. With the right attorney, you can gather enough evidence, witness statements, and alibis that can prove your innocence to the court.

Negotiating plea deals

A plea negotiation saves time from the stress of going through a court case. Your attorney can discuss this with the prosecutor to find a settlement that benefits you the most. The agreement between them can sometimes result in

  • Case dismissals
  • Lesser sentences
  • Reduced charges
  • Different sentencing options

Negotiating these deals on your own is a terrible idea. When the prosecutor tries to trick you into taking a plea deal, insist on your lawyer’s presence.

Protection from police harassment

It’s not uncommon for the police to coerce you into making false admissions. So many people have gone to jail because the police railroaded them during interrogations. They tell you that if you’re truthful and cooperative, they’ll be more inclined to cut you loose. Never believe this. Refuse to be interrogated if your attorney is not present.

Getting legal shortcuts

When you hire an attorney with several years of experience, you get to enjoy the perks that come with knowing the legal shortcuts. They will most likely have contacts in the police, judges, or even prosecutors in the region and understand how they work.

They’ll save you from unnecessary processes and only let you indulge in the ones that are useful to your case.

Avoiding harsh sentences

When you’re convicted of a crime, you are subject to many possible outcomes, including the maximum penalty. Your attorney has to ensure that you get the lightest sentence (and, if possible, no sentence at all).

They’ll use their knowledge to build solid defenses that counter all that the prosecutor has against you. If none of these work, they’ll help you find the best settlement.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a good criminal defense attorney is the best decision a person accused of a crime can make. Once you’re notified that you’re being investigated, reach out to your attorney. They’ll know the next best step to take to ensure the matter doesn’t escalate.