Style and Comfort: How to Choose the Ideal Medical Uniform

Having a good set of scrubs is essential for anyone working in the medical field. Not only do scrubs need to be comfortable and functional, but they also represent your professionalism and competence. With so many options on the market, choosing the right scrubs can feel overwhelming. This guide covers key factors to consider when picking out medical scrubs so you can find the ideal pair for your needs.

Prioritize Fabric and Fit

One of the most important factors in choosing scrubs is finding the suitable fabric and fit. Scrubs come in various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, rayon, and spandex blends. 100% cotton scrubs are breathable and soft but can shrink when washed. Polyester and poly-cotton blends limit shrinking while providing durability. Consider if you need scrubs that are wrinkle-resistant or feature stretch for ease of movement.

The fit of scrubs is also essential. Too tight or baggy scrubs can be uncomfortable and unflattering over long shifts. Pay attention to the rise, inseam lengths, and overall cut to find a flattering silhouette. Scrubs with adjustable waistbands or drawstring waists allow you to customize the fit.

Pick Appropriate Colors and Prints

Medical facilities often regulate scrub colors, with specific departments wearing coordinated colors. While some hospitals allow staff to choose any color, others restrict options to particular hues. Know your facility’s expectations before picking colored scrubs.

For prints, subtle patterns like pindots or tone-on-tone prints keep scrubs looking professional. Nurses may appreciate whimsical prints but keep motifs modest. Limit loud prints or distracting patterns.

Focus on Functionality and Features

Consider specific features that maximize your comfort and functionality when working long shifts in scrubs. Details like moisture-wicking fabric, UPF sun protection, odor control technologies, and antimicrobial treatments make scrubs ideal for medical wear.

Storage is key. Opt for scrubs with roomy cargo pockets or discreet inner pockets to secure small items. Back hip pockets allow easy access. Jogger scrubs feature cargo pockets and elastic cuffs for a sporty feel.

Shop with Trusted Medical Scrub Brands

Stick to reputable scrub brands like Cherokee, Dickies, Grey’s Anatomy, Landau, Skechers, and WonderWink. These companies specialize in medical uniforms designed for durability and performance. They offer extensive size ranges and styles catered to healthcare professionals.

Top scrub brands also have unisex and extended sizing options to accommodate more body types. Tall, petite, plus size and maternity scrub styles ensure proper fit.

Read Reviews From Other Medical Professionals

Read reviews from other healthcare workers before deciding on a pair of scrubs. Their firsthand experiences can reveal valuable insights about sizing, quality, comfort, and how specific scrubs hold up over time.

Look for scrubs with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Check comments for any consistent complaints about shrinkage, fabric pilling, loose stitching, or other durability issues. Reviews by nurses and doctors who wear scrubs all day provide helpful recommendations.


Finding the perfect scrubs takes some consideration, but getting the right fit, fabric, features, and style pays off hugely in daily comfort and performance. Take your time surveying the options to discover your ideal medical scrubs. Your uniform is essential when caring for patients, so choose scrubs you feel confident wearing every day.