Squads of all 10 teams for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2023

The pathway to the pinnacle of ODI cricket, the World Cup, is a journey filled with anticipation, surprises, and cricketing prowess on display. One of the final stops on this journey is the Cricket World Cup Qualifier, where teams battle it out for the remaining spots in the World Cup. Let’s delve into the intricacies of the Qualifier for the 2023 edition.

1. Overview of the Qualifier

The Cricket World Cup Qualifier is a crucial event in the ICC calendar, serving as the gateway for associate and lower-ranked full-member nations to secure a place in the main World Cup event. With the World Cup itself featuring the top teams based on the ICC ODI Rankings, the Qualifier offers a chance for the rest to compete for the remaining slots.

2. Format of the Tournament

Teams participating in the Qualifier are divided into groups. After the group stage, the top teams from each group progress to the Super Six stage, where they play against teams from the other group. Points accumulated in these matches, combined with points carried over from wins against teams that progressed from their own group, determine the finalists. The finalists not only play for the championship but also secure their spots in the World Cup.

3. Key Teams to Watch

a. Ireland: Historically a strong team in the gamingconsole101 qualifiers and with a track record of World Cup upsets, they are certainly favorites.

b. Zimbabwe: With their rich cricketing history, they’ll be looking to reclaim a spot on the world stage.

c. Afghanistan: Although they’ve been a part of the main event in recent editions, if they have to go through qualifiers, their spin attack makes them formidable opponents.

d. Scotland: Showing consistent improvement over the years, they’ll be eager to make a mark.

4. Venues

The venues for the Qualifier play a significant role, with pitch conditions often influencing team strategies. While the exact venues for the 2023 edition might be updated closer to the event, expect a mix of stadiums that offer diverse pitch conditions, testing the adaptability of teams.

5. Importance of the Qualifier

Beyond just World Cup qualification, this tournament offers teams a platform to showcase their talent and make a statement in the cricketing world. Success here can also boost cricket’s popularity in their home countries, encouraging more youngsters to take up the sport.

6. How to Follow

The increasing global interest in cricket ensures that the Qualifier will be broadcasted in many regions worldwide. Besides TV broadcasts, ICC’s official website and various sports portals will offer live scores, updates, and highlights.


The Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2023 is more than just a pathway to the World Cup. It’s a celebration of cricket, offering nail-biting encounters and heartwarming stories of underdogs rising to the occasion. As the tournament approaches, fans around the globe will be eagerly waiting to see which teams emerge victorious, securing their ticket to the grand spectacle of the World Cup.